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How Your Cell Phone May Be Destroying Your Relationship & What You Can Do to STOP it!

Have you ever been with your partner when they spend more time on their cell phone than talking with you? Watch this video where I share tips on how to make sure your cell phone doesn’t kill the romance & happiness in your relationship!  

3 Simple & Proven Actions that Will Repair Your Marriage

Isn’t it wonderful to know you can change your behavior to rock your relationship once again?!?! June remains one of the most popular months to get married. And for all the rosy promises we make to each other – and love we feel for our partner on our wedding day – it’s only a matter […]

#1 SECRET for Keeping the Romance and Intimacy Alive in Your Relationship

Wouldn’t you love to keep the romance & intimacy burning bright in your relationship long after that first kiss? Of course you would. Yet, many people find themselves in a relationship where the romance and intimacy has fizzled out! And to make matters even worse – no one in the relationship knows why. Watch today’s […]

7 Valentine’s Day Tips to Heat Up Your Romance

Perhaps Hallmark has commercialized Valentine’s Day – but who cares?! You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t believe the world could use a little more love and passion in it. If you are looking for some romantic ways to celebrate this holiday with the one you love, following are my 7 seven […]

7 Tips to Heat up the Flames of Love & Passion When the Temperature Drops in the Winter

Mid-January is bringing arctic air to the Northeast this year. But the good news is the warmth of Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here are seven (7) tips for heating up the flames of love and passion this Valentine’s Day – and all year long! Roses symbolize love and romance. Start your day […]

3 Tips to Increase Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship in 2014

The holidays are over and with the New Year come many new hopes and dreams. Whether you are someone who makes New Year’s Resolutions or not, now is a good time to pause and reflect on ways to make the New Year better for yourself and your most intimate relationship. With that in mind, following are 3 […]

3 Simple Tips to Re-Kindle the Love in Your Relationship

Most brides and grooms say “I Do” with all the love and sincerity these vows call for. And as we all know, it is only a matter of time before the honeymoon is over. The love is still there but the head-over-heels feeling gets buried underneath this thing called life: our jobs, the kids, the […]

3 Secrets to Fight Fair!

All couples fight at one point or another in their relationship. Fighting does not doom your relationship – or kill the intimacy you feel for one another.  However, keeping the flames of passion alive in your relationship depends upon how you fight. Below are 3 secret tips for fighting that will keep the flames of […]

10 Easy Ways to Heat up the Flames of Love & Passion on Valentine’s Day

Since roses are the symbol of romance and passion – start your day by giving your partner a rose(s) on Valentine’s Day. You can give them a single long-stemmed rose (which I happen to think is very sexy) or a dozen long-stemmed roses – the number doesn’t really matter. Write your own personal Valentine’s Day […]

3 Easy Ways to Get Sizzle Back into Your Relationship as Summer Dwindles Down

As much as we all love our kids, let’s admit it, when they are around during the summer months, they find a way of getting most of our energy and attention – often leaving us too exhausted to spend quality time with our partner. We don’t begrudge the kids for one second – we love […]