Business Relationship Consulting

Success in Business begins with the ability to create nurture and sustain healthy relationships and partnerships.

Is your relationship with your business partner not working anymore because it has become damaged due to lack of trust or ineffective communication?

Regardless of how smart you are, or how hard you work, or how great a product or service you are offering, your business will not thrive if your relationship with your business partner is struggling.

Are you experiencing the pain of mistrust between you and your business partner?

Do you find it difficult to make smart, timely decisions because your communication with your business partner has broken down?

Has your relationship with your business partner become so toxic that you are seriously thinking about a very costly business divorce? If yes, you must be wondering who gets the business? How much will the divorce cost me- in money? in emotional exhaustion? In revenue?   

If you are struggling with a broken, toxic or damaged relationship with your business partner – you are not alone.

In fact, the majority of entrepreneurial businesses fail (well over 50 %) because business relationships, which begin on a very optimistic high note, have soured. 

However, do not throw in the towel on all your hard work, sacrifice, time and energy spent on starting and growing your business.  As a relationship expert, business expert & clinical psychologist, I’ve been in the unique position to help hundreds of business partners repair their broken or damaged relationships so their business could not only survive, but also thrive!  ‘

Utilizing over three decades of experience, I’ve helped business relationships on the brink of divorce re-build trust, (re)establish effective communication and improve their decision-making process so their businesses could grow and flourish.  And I am sure I can do the same for YOU and your business relationship.

Business partners who have consulted with me have been able to improve their relationship by re-aligning with each other’s vision mission and purpose of the company and so they could take their business to the next level. 

By identifying patterns of miscommunication, business partners have been able to engage in honest, open discussions that have lead to growth in both their relationship with each other and the company’s bottom line.

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What Other’s Say

Dr. Patty Ann not only delivered a powerful message…but also a positive message…plus she left us with some very practical “tips and suggestions” that we could put into action immediately to all be more effective in our relationships and ultimately positively impact our business performance!

Executive Vice President FORTUNE 500 Company

It is with 100% confidence that I share with you that Dr. Patty Ann Tublin is a consummate professional whose knowledge and presentation skills are second to none. If I were you, I would hire Dr. Patty Ann right on the spot.

Monique Greenwald, Former CEO of Essence Magazine

As a manager of many radio stations which include a staff of on-air personalities I have frequently leaned on Dr. Patty Ann to help navigate situations with high level talent that were experiencing issues with each other. Much like relationships in our personal lives, work relationships are critical to success in business and eliminating or reducing stress. Dr. Patty Ann gets how to work with top talent and understands the importance of building trust and allowing them to open up and share details which are holding back their progress. I had a critical need in particular and Dr. Patty Ann was right there to help and with great success. In the aforementioned scenario, this particular case resulted in a drastically better relationship and ultimately the team became VERY valuable to the organization (because of their subsequent success) in part due to Dr. Patty Ann’s assistance. I would recommend her without hesitation, especially with business leaders or high level talent that need to feel safe and are open to making improvements.

Kristin Okesson, Radio Executive

Dr. Patty Ann really gets it! She understands and has the tools to solve the problem. Her crisp, concise insightful questions snapped me into a whole new mind about the way I was looking at my circumstance. I was amazed with not only her depth of knowledge but with the speed at which she assessed the problem and addressed it!   Not only did she hold up a mirror, she also held up a new lens of previously missed opportunities and possibilities. Dr. Patty Ann gets right to the heart of the matter increasing awareness emotionally while elevating mindfulness. Without giving the personal details of my story, I can say this. If you are an entrepreneur and your relationship with your business partner isn’t what you want it to be,  I highly recommend Dr. Patty Ann. If you were where I was with my entrepreneurial business partner, you can’t afford to not access Dr. Patty Ann’s expertise as a relationship and communication expert. She is the best investment you will ever make in your business!

Jeff McCaffrey, Coach, Master Facilitator, Operations Expert

Just wanted to drop you a big thank you!!! I called a potential disaster patient and was able to do the “relationship“ conversation and it went really well. Thank you for helping me with this. I think I avoided a huge disaster on this because of all of your help.

Dr. Matt Huff, DDS