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Dr. Patty Ann is a professional speaker who delivers passionate and inspirational keynotes, workshops, and seminars to corporations and entrepreneurial groups.

Dr. Patty Ann will leave your remote or in-person audience with an inspirational message based upon her innate ability to immediately connect with your audience. Dr. Patty Ann is the consummate professional who combines second to none academic credentials with relatable real-life experiences.

Dr. Patty Ann is that rare individual who creates a powerful and authentic relationship with any age, gender, industry and nationality.


Huge Event – Terrific! Dr. Patty Ann has spoken, both remotely and in-person, in front of thousands of people, on both a national and international stage.  Her passionate and energy radiates from the stage, allowing her to connect with every single attendee in the audience.

Small/Intimate Venue –Fantastic! Dr. Patty Ann speaks from the heart – leaving every single person in the audience feeling empowered and motivated.  No one can work the room like Dr. Patty Ann – connecting and drawing in every attendee to make an unforgettable experience. 

Looking to boost attendance? Dr. Patty Ann will provide a complimentary, customized video for you to send to your attendees. Book Dr. Patty Ann NOW to speak at your event!

Are you a meeting and/or event planner? If you would like to create a memorable learning and entertaining experience for your attendees, Dr. Patty Ann will get the job done for you! She will customize her content to ensure your message is solidly delivered during her presentation. Dr. Patty Ann will engage with your audience, by mixing and mingling and allowing for pictures – all at no extra cost.

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What people are saying about Dr. Patty Ann

Lasting Impact

I have seen quite a few presenters, trainers and speakers in my fifteen years … and Dr. Patty Ann is one of the best! I was truly amazed at how quickly and deeply she connected with her audience and the lasting impact of her messages! Our conference was literally “buzzing” with excitement and energy after her presentation.

FORTUNE 100 Senior Executive

Powerful and insightful

Dr. Patty Ann’s charisma and infectious smile immediately energized the room and her “no holds barred, tell it like it really is” approach truly resonated with the audience. More importantly, the power and applicability of Dr. Patty Ann’s insights really left everyone who heard her speak feeling empowered and energized.

Executive Vice President FORTUNE 500 Company

Positively Impact Our Business Performance

Dr. Patty Ann not only delivered a powerful message…but also a positive message…plus she left us with some very practical “tips and suggestions” that we could put into action immediately to all be more effective in our relationships and ultimately positively impact our business performance!

Senior Executive FORTUNE 100 Company

Resonate On a Deeper Level

Whether speaking to a group of executives from a Fortune 100 company, answering questions from callers “live” on a syndicated radio talk show or lecturing to an auditorium of college students, Dr. Patty Ann seamlessly adapts her messages to resonate on a deeper level with each audience, yet being the consummate expert that she is, Dr. Patty Ann always stays true to her core relationship building principles.

Women’s Business Network Mansfield, MA

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