Coaching for Families, Individuals and Couples in Romantic Relationships

Are you struggling in your relationships with any of the following people in your life: your friends, family or partner?

How much pain are you experiencing because you can’t establish and retain true friendships?

Are you feeling lonely and depressed because you feel alone?

Is your family engaged in non-stop fighting?

Is your family trapped in a cycle of screaming and yelling in your own home?

Rather than taking refuge in your family, you dread going home.

Rather than feeling warm and secure in your family, you feel as if your family life has turned into a battlefield.

What was once the most loving relationship in your life has now turned toxic and filled with hate and anger.

You have the same fights – about the same things – over and over again. And yet nothing ever gets resolved.

You feel alone and broken in your own marriage – partnership.

Any sense of love and intimate connection feels lost & gone – forever.

You believe all hope is lost.

You believe you’ve tried everything.

You believe it will never get better.

There is a better way. There is a solution.

My name is Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, and I’m a “real” relationship expert.  I’ve helped tens of thousands of people create authentic and meaningful relationships in their lives.

Imagine what it would feel like to create real and lasting friendships? How amazing will it be to know the joy and happiness of true friendship?

And how incredibly happy will you feel as you actually look forward to going home to your family after a hard day of work – or school?

What an amazing feeling it will be to actually feel heard by your partner?

Can you imagine how great it will feel when you and your partner stop fighting and start loving again?

Won’t your relationship – marriage come alive when you learn how to effectively communicate with each other?

Think of the sense of peace and profound joy you will feel because you learned how to restore trust in your marriage – after feeling so betrayed for so long.

How incredible will it feel to restore love trust and friendship into your relationship?

My lifetime experience and commitment to helping people, families and couples like you has created lasting friendships, and loving and supportive families. My relationship expertise has helped countless couples stop fighting, and relationships and marriages not only survive but also thrive after infidelity.

Individuals, families and couples that have worked with me have learned my proven tools and strategies that have turned around the most difficult relationships.

You will be able to enjoy the true meaning of friendship, family harmony and the love and happiness of life with your soul mate once you’ve learned how to communicate effectively, restore harmony once and for all – by putting my highly effective resolution tools and strategies that will restore true love and intimacy so you can stop start loving again.

Reach out now  – it is not too late to enjoy the love and laughter of meaningful and healthy relationships in your life.

Seek the super powers and advice from a “real” relationship expert who has created fun and joy in the lives of people just like you.


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