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Discover The Proven Approach To Create A Passionate, Trustworthy, Committed, Loving, and Fulfilling Relationship With Your Partner… Even If You’re Current Relationship Is In Turmoil

The Trust Doctor Brings You…

Transform Your Romantic Relationship: A course for couples who want to create a thriving relationship full of love, intimacy, and passion.

A simple thank you is not enough to say to a person who was able to help my husband and I when we didn’t know where to turn.

- Maria & Guy from Massachusetts

Dr. Patty Ann was instrumental in helping my wife and I improve our relationship with my Mom.

- C., Michigan

I was all twisted up in knots. I was at a loss to go forward, and I was ready to call it quits. But Dr. Patty Ann had an uncanny ability to point out insightful things that resonated with me — and these insights changed everything for me.

- D.M.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Maybe you’re a man who…

Maybe you’re a WOman who…

If so, you’re NOT alone.

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Now Imagine If…

This kind of relationship is possible for you (even if you’re current relationship is in turmoil)


Dr. Patty Ann also known as The Trust Doctor and the creator of the Transform Your Romantic Relationship Course

My name is Dr. Patty Ann Tublin. I’m a relationship expert and over the past 30+ years, I’ve coached thousands of couples all over the world to help them resolve these and similar challenges. 

I have found there is ONE KEY DIFFERENCE between the couples that have passionate, trustworthy, committed, loving, and fulfilling relationships that thrive and last and the couples that have miserable, loathing relationships that slowly deteriorate over time. 

Hint: It’s not luck and it is possible (even for the couples who don’t know if they can make it through their current rocky situation). 

The Secret?

The couples that have thriving relationships consistently use proven and highly effective tools inside of their relationship.   

These unique & simple tools can be learned and applied by anyone to help you be understood by your partner and understand them so you can…

Start your journey to a better relationship today

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Whether you’re just starting to have problems or are at your wits end in your relationship, and you’re considering Dr. Patty Ann as a source for help, my advice to you is don’t hesitate, just do it. Investing with her will truly change your life — it did mine!

- D & C, Florida

We just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. My husband and I have been together for 7 years, spent the past 4 years in constant turmoil, and the past 2 years with 3 different marriage counselors. We have spent literally thousands of dollars trying to get a grip on our relationship, only to watch it continue on a faster downward spiral.

- Sheila P.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get

Module 1: Trust

Module 2: Defining a Committed Relationship

Module 3: Communication & Connection

Module 4: Conflict Resolution

Module 5: Passion, Intimacy, and Sex

Reg: $297 Now $197

How the Course is Delivered

Powerful And Actionable Video Training:

Learn anytime, anywhere, as if Dr. Patty Ann is coaching you directly.


Use the simple processes and worksheets as a foundation to grow.


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Identify your Emotional Intelligence Avatar (Value $47)

Discover which one of the four Emotional Intelligence avatars you are – and use this knowledge to increase your level of Emotional Intelligence.

The Difficult Conversation Checklist (Value $67)

A simple checklist and questionnaire prompt you to prepare for a difficult conversation so you can get to the root of the problem and show up with love, care, and compassion… even if you don’t consider yourself good with communication when it comes to conflict.

How to Stop Fighting about Money (Value $57)

Discover how you and your partner can finally stop fighting about money – whether you  or your partner are a “spender” or  “saver”

7 Ways To Say “I Love You” Without Saying A Word Video (Value $29)

Discover how to demonstrate your love in actions without saying a word so you can better connect with your partner.

Reg: $297 Now $197

Backed By Our Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you: If at the end of the Transform Your Romantic Relationship Course, you don’t feel your investment far exceeded it’s cost to you, we will refund all your money.

All you have to do is prove that you went through the first three modules of the course, and show proof of your work. If you don’t feel like you got value from those modules you can immediately use in your romantic relationship, you can ask for a refund. This is a 30 day from the date of purchase guarantee.

No questions asked. No hard feelings. No awkwardness.

I’m confident this stuff works, and it will work for you, too.


YES! You can absolutely do this course on your own OR with your partner. Both ways are incredibly effective in transforming your relationship.

Immediately. Once payment has been processed, you will  receive instant access to the course in your email inbox.

FIrst, I highly recommend you invest in this Transform Your Romantic Relationship: A Relationship Course for Couples.     After you have completed this course, you will discover more opportunities to do a deeper dive into your romantic relationship with Dr. Patty Ann

A Personal Note From Dr. Patty Ann

What I truly believe is you deserve to be in the most loving and fulfilling romantic relationship possible and I’ve spent over 3 decades helping people do just that!! 

 I’ve dedicated my entire professional career showing people how to have the relationship they want and deserve  – and this course is the culmination of all those years of hard work! 

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