3 Simple & Proven Actions that Will Repair Your Marriage

3 Simple & Proven Actions that Will Repair Your Marriage Isn’t it wonderful to know you can change your behavior to rock your relationship once again?!?!

June remains one of the most popular months to get married.

And for all the rosy promises we make to each other – and love we feel for our partner on our wedding day – it’s only a matter of time before reality finds a way of creeping into our lives.

The next thing you know – we‘re saying things we swore we would never say to each other.

We’re yelling and cursing and fighting like cats and dogs.

We go to bed totally pissed off at each other (contrary to conventional wisdom – this is not such a horrible thing – but that’s a topic for another blog).

And before we know it we find ourselves stuck on the downside of the emotional roller coaster ride of marriage.

The good news is you can easily get your marriage on the upswing!

Over the past three decades I’ve shared with couples the following 3 easy and effective behaviors that will repair your marriage and get it back into the upswing.

3 Easy & Proven Actions that will Repair Your Marriage

1. Simply ask your partner: “How are you feeling?” every day. This is an easy way to touch base with your partner to see how they are feeling.

Doing this every day lets your partner know that you are thinking about them. It shows you care about their feelings and well-being.

This one simple question can increase communication and open up feelings that may have been closed off – that may have increased the emotional distance between you and your partner.

2. Create a conversation not an accusation. We don’t realize that our dialogue with our spouse has gone from being an honest conversation and turned into a stream of accusations.

This makes our spouse feel like the only time we want to talk to them is to complain, criticize or b—ch about something – a surefire way to shut down communication – about anything.

To remedy this problem make a conscious effort to talk about common interests you enjoy, or share a funny story or the news. Anything that opens the lines of communication.

Please don’t make the mistake of only speaking with your partner when you have something to complain about – that will destroy your marriage – slowly but surely.

3. Laugh together. Laughter is truly the best medicine for your marriage.

Humor and laughter helps us cope with life’s stressors – big and small.

When money gets tight, the kids misbehave, work sucks and/or a million other things that can go wrong- do go wrong, the ability to laugh about them will help to keep you and your partner feel as if you are fighting the same fight – instead of fighting each other.

Laughter releases the “feel good” hormone endorphin. To read about the science of laughter & why it makes us feel good go to: http://bit.ly/laughter-best-pain-medicine

Jay Leno said: “You can’t stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.”

So true!

Join the thousands of couples whose marriages have been repaired by putting these 3 easy and proven actions into practice – and watch your romance and happiness come back to life!

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