7 Valentine’s Day Tips to Heat Up Your Romance

Perhaps Hallmark has commercialized Valentine’s Day – but who cares?! You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t believe the world could use a little more love and passion in it. If you are looking for some romantic ways to celebrate this holiday with the one you love, following are my 7 seven tips for heating up the romance and passion this Valentine’s Day.

  1. ROSES – the universal symbol of romance and love. Start your day by giving your partner a red rose(s). You can give them a single long-stemmed rose (which I happen to think is very sexy) or a dozen long-stemmed roses – the number doesn’t really matter.
  2. CARDS – Write your own personal love card or poem. It doesn’t have to be an epic novel – just something heartfelt and sincere that says “I Love You” in your own unique way. Anyone can purchase a card – but a handwritten, homemade card is sure to set Cupid’s arrow flying in your direction! (If you truly believe you don’t have a creative bone in your body and you cannot write – go ahead with the Hallmark card! –just make sure you give your loved one a Valentine’s day card!)
  3. CHOCOLATE – known as an aphrodisiac in ancient times – acts as both a sedative & stimulant. It’s a sedative because it creates a relaxing effect on your body and lowers your inhibition; it’s a stimulant because it increases your activity level and enhances your desire for physical contact. Due to its effect on your libido (aka sex drive), chocolate was actually banned from some monasteries centuries ago! There are so many ways you can give your partner chocolate i.e., chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered raisins, etc. Or maybe you might want to make an outline of a heart using M & M’s – drawing you and your lover’s initials inside it. Be creative and have fun.

    And my absolute favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate is Hershey’s chocolate kisses, which come in a variety of flavors, i.e. milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate with almonds, etc. Buy a bag of these little babies and put them all over the place so your partner will find them throughout the day. Place some on the bathroom sink so your partner sees them as soon as they begin their day. Then sprinkle some on their car seat (maybe spell out their initials); put some in their computer bag – you get the picture! If you ask me, Hershey’s chocolate kisses weren’t just made for kids!

  4. CHAMPAGNE is known as the drink for lovers! Champagne, in moderation, lowers one’s inhibitions and produces a feeling of warmth throughout the body. If you are not into champagne or any alcohol for that matter, try some nice hot chocolate with marshmallows. There aren’t many things more romantic than sipping some warm hot chocolate by the fireplace with your lover. Bring it on baby!
  5. MUSIC – put a little music in your love life. Pick out one of the classic love songs sung by Elvis Presley or Marc Antony or mix up a cd with you and your partner’s personal favorites. Play the music while at home and in your car while driving around. I don’t know about you but romantic music is bound to get me in the mood…
  6. PERFUME – Ladies, splash on that perfume. Perfumes are made of natural ingredients such as almond, vanilla and other spices and herbs, which are known to act like pheromone – a hormone that plays a vital role in communicating our emotions by smell.
  7. SCREENSAVER – Make up a romantic screensaver so when your partner turns on their computer they see a romantic personal message from you. What a romantic way to start your day!

Roses, cards, food, drinks, music can all help you heat up the flames of love and passion on Valentine’s Day and all year long!

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann


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