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Video: Dr. Patty Ann advises about pending department retirements

During this week’s Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for Success a viewer asked how to handle her concern that she will get “dumped” with extra work when several people retire from her department. Watch to hear my answer. #businessexpert #relationshipexpert #communicationexpert #emotionalintelligence   Dr. Patty Ann www.twitter.com/drpattyann www.facebook.com/relationshiptoolbox  

Great Communicators Nail This Down Every Time & You Can Too!

Don’t you just love this quote from the comedian George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Ineffective communication is often at the root of failed leadership, disengaged employees, poor customer service and failed marriages. The inability to connect with others is a symptom of ineffective […]

3 Ordinary Questions That Will Create an Extra-Ordinary Marriage/Relationship

Effective communication is at the heart of every healthy happy & loving relationship. When we think of effective communication, we often overlook one very critical aspect of communication. We focus on the verbal, non-verbal and listening aspects of communication. All of which are very important. But they are not the only aspects of effective communication. […]

Video: 3 Easy Ways to Effectively Communicate

Wouldn’t it boost your career if you could learn to effectively communicate? Watch my video blog where I share 3 simple tips on how to become a more effective communicator. #womenandmoney #womenandwork #womenatwork The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life, Dr. Patty Ann www.relationshiptoolbox.com www.relationshiptoolbox.com/blog www.twitter.com/drpattyann www.facebook.com/relationshiptoolbox  

The #1 Most Effective Skill Needed to Build Healthy Authentic Work Relationships

As a relationship and communication expert, you know I sincerely believe all success begins with relationships. However, these relationships are only successful if they are authentic. Authenticity must be at the very core of any trusting relationship. The #1 way to build trusting relationships is through effective communication. Following are three key components of effective […]

What the US Government Must Learn from Business

Are you not thoroughly amazed at the ineptitude and inefficiencies that seem to be taking hold within our government on both sides of the aisle? Regardless of your political views – what we have seen taking place in the government these past few years leaves most of us just scratching our heads thinking: “What the […]

3 Communication Skills for Your Success

Women know true success is found within our relationships – not money. The way we communicate with ourselves and with others ultimately determines the overall quality of our life – and the success or lack thereof – of everything we do! Creating and nurturing a true partnership with your partner is predicated upon effective communication […]

The Critical Relationship Tool Missing from Your Relationship

Effective communication is vital to a healthy relationship. However, there is a critical component of effective communication that many couples neglect to develop and it’s the ability to make your partner know that they have been truly heard. It is a rare experience for any of us to be listened to without judgment and/or interruption; […]

Relationships: The Key to Success in Business and Life

The main premise of Stephen Covey’s best selling book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is predicated upon the belief that true success encompasses healthy relationships in both your personal and professional life. To have success in only one area of your life, especially if it comes at the expense of success in the […]

How to Avoid the 4 Words All Husbands Hate to Hear

Have you thought about what these 4 words are that all husbands absolutely hate to hear? My book has an entire chapter dedicated to showing you how to communicate effectively with your partner so you can avoid using those 4 words all men hate to hear from their wives or significant other: “we need to talk!” […]