The #1 Most Effective Skill Needed to Build Healthy Authentic Work Relationships

As a relationship and communication expert, you know I sincerely believe all success begins with relationships. However, these relationships are only successful if they are authentic.

Authenticity must be at the very core of any trusting relationship. The #1 way to build trusting relationships is through effective communication.

Following are three key components of effective communication.

  1. Recognizing the fact that we live in an electronic world – face-to-face communication remains the most effective type of communication you can have when it comes to building trusting relationships.

    If there is any way possible to meet a client in person– by all means do so. Train, planes and automobiles can get you there.

    These face-to-face meetings might require more of your time (especially if it involves travel) – but its value towards building an honest trusting relationship makes it well worth the effort.

    Let’s be honest. Aren’t you more inclined to trust someone you have met in person, as opposed to only knowing someone through the Internet or telephone communications? Being in someone’s physical presence affords us the opportunity to get a “read on him or her” and size him or her up.

  2. The ability to actively listen is a vital component of effective communication. Actively engaging the speaker when they are talking by nodding your head and looking them in the eye shows the speaker you are fully present and listening carefully.

    Actively listening also provides you with the opportunity to ask for further clarification if you don’t understand something that is being said.

    Active listening makes the speaker feel valued because you are giving them your divided attention.

  3. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills. Choose your words very carefully. Words are powerful. They can build or destroy relationships. Speak clearly and concisely. Avoid rambling on and on or going off on tangents. Nobody has time for nonsense.

    Over fifty percent of all communication takes place non-verbally. Therefore, what is not being said is sometimes more powerful and important to building a trusting relationship than what is being said.

    Make certain your body language (non-verbal communication) is consistent with your words (verbal communication).

If you want to build authentic trusting relationships, take the time to meet people face-to-face, the effort will be appreciated. Utilize active listening skills and be aware of your verbal and non-verbal messaging. Practicing these effective communication skills will build healthy relationships and increase your bottom line.

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Dr. Patty Ann


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