The Marriage Ref Review for April 1, 2010

You thought I was skipping the April 1, 2010 episode of The Marriage Ref?


The Marriage Ref aired Thursday April 1st, on NBC. The “refs” were Kirstie Alley, Jimmy Fallon & Sheryl Crow.

Here’s my review:

Comments on – Jim & Lynda Maurer – Should Jim be able to keep his “friends” – which are puppets that Jim using for his ventriloquist hobby, all over the house?

Everywhere you turn in this house, you see puppets. They do appear to lend a bit of a creepy feeling to the room – almost as if someone is always watching you. Yuk!

I disagree with The Marriage Ref’s call – Jim should be allowed to keep his puppets. Lynda has known Jim since she 13 years old. His ventriloquist hobby cannot possibly be “new news”. Therefore, my expert relationship opinion is that Jim gets to keep his puppets. However, out of respect for Lynda, who gets creeped out by all the puppets – Jim should keep his puppets in a specific room and/or area of the house – they should be in every single room of the house – that is not fair to Lynda.

Comments on Milt & Stacy – Should Stacy be allowed to veto Milt’s new hairstyle and color?

I agree with The Marriage Ref’s call – Stacy wins. Milt should not keep his new hairstyle and peroxide- color hair – because it looks UGLY!!!! And believe me Milt, this will not help your career.

Comments on George & Ellena: Should George continue cooking dinner?

I am a firm believer in the fact that it is not what you say but how you say it.

I agree with The Marriage Ref’s call – George wins – he does not have to continue cooking dinner for himself and Ellena anymore. If Ellena wants George to continue cooking, she needs to speak more respectfully to George and let him know how much she truly appreciates his cooking. Otherwise, Ellena will have to start calling 1-800-TAKE-OUT!

The best line of the show is when George says to Ellena: “Oh now your Oprah. Now you gotta Chef!

Make sure you check out next week’s comments as Dr. Patty Ann – “The Relationship Expert” makes her “Call” on the Marriage Ref’s Call!

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