The Marriage Ref Review for March 25, 2010

The Marriage Ref aired again yesterday on NBC. The “refs” were  Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Baldwin and Kelly Ripa.

Here’s my review:

Comments on – Kris & Erin – Should Kris the business man be busting rhymes or punching the clock?

In other words, should Erin support her husband Kris in his desire to pursue his hobby of being a rap singer? What I am compelled to comment on here is Erin’s approach to the discussion.  And quite frankly, it stinks. Erin shows absolutely no sense of empathy and understanding for her husband’s feelings.  She is not really engaging in a constructive conversation; instead she is berating her husband for pursuing his dream.  If she were open to hearing her husband’s feelings; they might be able to have an amiable and constructive discussion.  Kris doesn’t tell Erin how she should spend her considerable free time – so why should she feel she has the right to tell Kris how he should spend his leisure time?

I agree with The Marriage Ref’s call – Let Kris pursue his hobby of rapping for all of the reasons stated above. And Erin should take the time to learn how to effectively listen.

Comments on Jimmy & Susan – Should Susan allow Jimmy to keep his motorcycle in the middle of the living room? AND Does Susan have the right to forbid Jimmy from listening to Mariah Carey?

First of all, Susan & Jimmy moved in with each other after knowing each other for only 1 week. This fact, in and of itself, is a little sketchy! And it only goes downhill from there.  As this couple’s life continues to unfold, things get even sketchier! The whole cat scene was questionable, at best.  Therefore, due to the weirdness of the dynamic between Jimmy & Susan I don’t really care what happens to the motorcycle.

Regarding Susan’s jealousy of Mariah Carey – are you kidding me?  He is not having an affair – he is enthralled with a singing star, big deal!  Mariah Carey stays!

By the way, based upon what you know of this couple, would you want to be entertained in their living room, with or without a motorcycle in it?  Count me OUT!

I don’t even care what The Marriage Ref decided on these two!

The best line of the show is when Susan asks Jimmy:  “If you keep rubbing it, are you going to get three wishes”.

The worst line of the show also goes to Susan when she tells Jimmy:  “He has me, I don’t know why he wants Mariah Carey”?

Make sure you check out next week’s comments as Dr. Patty Ann – “The Relationship Expert” makes her “Call” on the Marriage Ref’s Call!

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