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The Critical Relationship Tool Missing from Your Relationship

Effective communication is vital to a healthy relationship. However, there is a critical component of effective communication that many couples neglect to develop and it’s the ability to make your partner know that they have been truly heard. It is a rare experience for any of us to be listened to without judgment and/or interruption; […]

4 Easy Steps to Communicate and Connect with Others for Success in Business and Life

Last night I was in NYC attending the Women in Business 2012 Executive Leadership Program where the ability to develop and nurture relationships – on a global level – was discussed. Today I’m in Washington DC with a group of amazing executive women business leaders discussing the challenges which lie ahead for business. You can […]

A Major Relationship Tool Required for Your Business and Relationship Success

Just as a good marriage requires more than love to make it work, a successful business requires more than just a good product or service or even a good business plan. As a female entrepreneur or small business owner, your business, similar to all your relationships must have an abundance of Emotional Intelligence or EI […]

The One Relationship Tool You Must Have For a Successful Happy Relationship

When couples are experiencing emotional turmoil and dis-connect (regardless of the reason) I always ask the question: “Tell me how you met and why you fell in love with your partner? Couples then pause and look at me in an extremely quizzical way. Almost as if to say: “Hey, I want to tell you what’s […]