A Major Relationship Tool Required for Your Business and Relationship Success

Just as a good marriage requires more than love to make it work, a successful business requires more than just a good product or service or even a good business plan. As a female entrepreneur or small business owner, your business, similar to all your relationships must have an abundance of Emotional Intelligence or EI to succeed.

Daniel Goleman coined the phrase “Emotional Intelligence” and defines it as “the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and our relationships.”

Although we now know that our Emotional Intelligence demonstrates how our relationships and our ability to relate to others in a healthy way impacts the bottom line of our business as well as influence the happiness in our marriage and other interpersonal relationships; this was a novel idea not that long ago. Current research shows the use of emotional intelligence in business radically influences return on sales, revenue growth and overall profitability, all in a drastically positive way.

3 Simple Ways to use Emotional Intelligence to Boost Your Business:

  1. Be organized, focused and thoroughly prepared when interacting with clients on any level, i.e. at meetings, on the phone, during presentations, etc. This will make your client feel that you respect, value and appreciate their business.
  2. Be emphatic. Listen to your clients needs and remember it is what they need that matters most to them, not what you think they need. If you take your clients needs and feelings into consideration when offering them solutions to their business problems, they will feel heard and understood, and are more likely to become a repeat client or customer.
  3. Communicate and demonstrate warmth through your attitude, tone of voice, words and actions, showing your client you care about them as a human being, not just as a client. Show genuine interest in their life by sincerely asking them about the important people in their lives, i.e. their spouse, children, etc.

These are 3 simple, yet highly effective ways to use emotional intelligence to increase your profits and enhance your relationships. Stay tuned for more invaluable information on Emotional Intelligence (EI) in future newsletters!

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Dr. Patty Ann


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