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Marriage, Commitment and “The 3 Little Pigs”

We are all familiar with the childhood story of “The 3 Little Pigs”. To summarize this fairytale, one little pig built his house made out of straw, another little pig built his house made out of sticks, and the third little pig built his house out of brick. The third little pig had to labor […]

How to Save Your Marriage from the Fate of Heidi & Seal’s Marriage

When you first fell in love with your significant other you would have never thought of putting anything – or anyone – before them. And you were rewarded with unbelievable feelings of love, romance, and intimacy. Remember? Then time passes on and you become more familiar with each other and those late night talks you […]

3 Secrets to Survive a Storm in your Business and your Relationships

Meeting business challenges successfully requires the same tools necessary for meeting the challenges of our relationships successfully. Things are relatively easy when all goes according to plan. Business is humming along and we feel emotionally in synch with our partner. When things do not go according to plan, however, the sea of emotions begin to […]

Schwarzenegger and Shriver – How Your Marriage Can Avoid Becoming a Casualty of Infidelity

The Schwarzenegger-Shriver split last week rocked the world and we now know the reason: a secret love child Arnold has hidden from Maria and the world for over a decade. Watching twitter today a number of tweets came up saying: “if Maria can’t hold a guy then who can?” and “no couple is safe.” People […]

Dr. Patty Ann live on KTBC-TV (FOX affiliate) on Good Day Austin – The Royal Couple and how to keep their relationship royal.

Dr. Patty Ann discusses what the common denominators are for a happy marriage. Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship, Dr. Patty Ann www.drpattyann.com www.drpattyann.com/blog www.twitter.com/drpattyann www.facebook.com/drpattyann

What do the US Navy Seals and a healthy long-term Marriage have to do with each other?

Feeling proud to be an American every day of my life, I felt especially proud to be one upon hearing the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death at the hands of the absolute best military special operations force in the world – the US Navy Seals. Having a son preparing to graduate from the U.S. […]

Royal Wedding Ring Controversy

All weekend every major media outlet from www.cnn.com to www.foxnews.com were reporting about the controversy  swirling around Prince William’s decision NOT to wear a wedding ring, and Kate Middletown’s alleged acquiesence with this decision. As a relationship expert who has helped couples overcome infidelity for over two decades,  believe me when I tell you a […]

The #1 KEY you must have in your Relationship if you yearn to get your spouse’s support for your Business

Sometimes it feels as if getting our partner’s support for our entrepreneurial efforts is more challenging than it is to actually run our business. If you feel your partner is less than thrilled about your business or worse yet, he sabotages your success (even if he is not aware of it); both your relationship and […]

Make 3 Simple Emotional Investments – Triple the Love and Intimacy in Your Relationship!

Success in anything we do requires commitment, effort and investment of time and energy. The same is true for your relationship. Take a moment and think about how much commitment effort and energy you invest in your relationship. Be honest with yourself. Have you put the kids, your job, housework, your hobby, etc. before your […]

How do you show commitment in your relationship?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine discusses the role of commitment in a happy, healthy relationship. We all want to be in a committed relationship. In order to get our partner to commit to our relationship, we have to first be willing to demonstrate our commitment to ourselves. What are some of the ways you reveal […]