Royal Wedding Ring Controversy

Salvatore Vuono -

All weekend every major media outlet from to were reporting about the controversy  swirling around Prince William’s decision NOT to wear a wedding ring, and Kate Middletown’s alleged acquiesence with this decision. As a relationship expert who has helped couples overcome infidelity for over two decades,  believe me when I tell you a band of gold around a man, or woman’s finger, has nothing to do with the commitment a spouse feels toward their partner. Yes, a wedding ring is a beautiful symbol of a couple’s unending love, but it is merely a symbol.  At the heart of every marriage is a sense of commitment to the relationship predicated upon trust.  Trust is something you carry within your heart and not something you wear on your finger.  So would a wedding ring be nice on Prince William’s finger? Sure.  Is it  a prerequisite for a fairy tale ending to this marriage? Absolutely NOT!!

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