Spring Your Relationship into Happiness: 3 Simple Secrets Happy Couples Know.

A happy marriage (or intimate relationship) is a lot like a garden – plant the seeds in healthy soil and provide the appropriate nutrients: water and sunlight – and watch your garden grow. Tending to your garden every day, in the smallest ways, allows it to grow and bloom. This holds true for your relationship – doing little things every day keeps your relationship happy and healthy.

Below are 3 Simple Secrets every Happy Couple Knows – and now you will know them too!

Happy Couple Secret #1: Communicate. Couples who communicate on a daily basis are the happiest. Communicating about life’s little things – not just trying to solve big “problems” – helps keep the spark alive in a marriage. Why? Because communication is the only way couples can keep their emotional connection charged in a positive way! Happy couples make the time to talk on a daily basis about the incidentals of life – they share stories about their day and tell jokes to each other.

The way we communicate with our partner is the single most important variable which determines the overall quality of our relationship!

Happy Couple Secret #2: Laugh. Happy couples do not take all the curves life throws at them so seriously. They’ve learned to prioritize what is really important so they don’t sweat the small stuff. When life throws these couples a curveball, if they strike out – they laugh it off. It is not seen as the end of the world! So lighten up on yourself and your partner, and laugh at your problems. Becoming angry when you are faced with adversity doesn’t change the situation – so you have a choice – laugh or cry.

Couples who are the happiest tell us their ability to laugh – at themselves and their problems – helps keep their relationship in a positive place – even in the face of adversity!

Happy Couple Secret #3: Healthy Conflict Resolution Skills. Happy couples know each conflict that comes up in their relationship is not a deal-breaker; therefore most conflicts are negotiable. Happy couples know the presence of conflict does not mean their relationship is in trouble. Many people mistakenly think happy couples do not have conflict – nothing couple be further from the truth. The difference between happy couples and unhappy couples is based on how conflict is handled! Happy couples effectively communicate (see happy couple secret#1) when conflict arises in their relationships – preventing the build-up of anger and resentment.

As you spring into the season of new life and renewal, use these 3 Simple Secrets every day to reap the rewards of a relationship every happy couple knows!!


Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann

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