Marriage, Commitment and “The 3 Little Pigs”

We are all familiar with the childhood story of “The 3 Little Pigs”. To summarize this fairytale, one little pig built his house made out of straw, another little pig built his house made out of sticks, and the third little pig built his house out of brick. The third little pig had to labor much longer and harder than his friends to build his brick house. Then one day, the big bad wolf came along to blow down the house these 3 little pigs built. The only house that withstood the force of the wolf’s attack was the house made out of brick. The house that took the longest to build was the sturdiest – and with each powerful force of the wolf’s attack, the stability and strength of the brick house was reinforced. The only house that survived the wolf’s attack was the third little pig’s whose house was built with bricks.

So by now you might be asking yourself: “And what in the world does this story of “The 3 Little Pigs” have to do with my relationship?” In fact, it has everything to do with your relationship and let me tell you why.

Many couples I help are shocked to discover what is lacking in their relationship when I point it out to them. It is the linchpin necessary for a long-term loving relationship. It provides the glue for keeping your relationship strong and stable – two prerequisites absolutely essential if your relationship is to stand the test of time. This linchpin is a real and deep level of commitment.

Many relationships begin to crumble when the winds of change blow in their direction because there is a lack of commitment on the part of the partners to each other – and the relationship as a whole; although couples are often unaware of this lack of commitment to each other until it is too late.

Unfortunately, many intimate relationships are not built upon a rock solid commitment made of brick; rather they are made of straws and sticks, susceptible to life’s inherent difficulties. Therefore, when these relationships are tested by adversity and the stressors of life, these relationships collapse; similarto the two little pigs who built their homes from straw and sticks. These homes looked solid and stable – until they were tested!

No matter how beautiful your window treatments may look or how exquisitely you decorate your living room – once a storm hits your house – if the foundation to your house is cracked, it will eventually fall.

So, too, will your relationship collapse if it is not built with a solid commitment from you to yourself, your partner and your relationship.With a solid level of commitment however, your relationship will withstand the test of time and you will reap the wonderful benefits of a long-term loving relationship built upon a rock solid commitment of love to yourself, your partner and your relationship!

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