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3 Irrefutable Ways to Create a Successful Mindset

Would you like to learn how to create a successful mindset? Watch this video where I share 3 irrefutable ways you can create a winning, successful mindset. #womenandmoney #womenatwork #womenandwork The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life, Dr. Patty Ann www.relationshiptoolbox.com www.relationshiptoolbox.com/blog www.twitter.com/drpattyann www.facebook.com/relationshiptoolbox  

Video: 3 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

Wouldn’t it be a tremendous advantage if you could increase your emotional intelligence (E.I.) at work & in your personal relationships? Watch this brief video where I share 3 habits that highly emotionally intelligent people consistently display. #womenandmoney #womenandwork #womenatwork The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life, Dr. Patty Ann www.relationshiptoolbox.com […]

5 Easy Tools to Increase Your Business Success in the New Year

Wouldn’t you love to learn 5 easy and highly effective tools that will increase your success in the New Year? Watch my video where I provide these powerful and realistic tools for success in business and life. #womenandmoney #womenatwork #womenandwork The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life, Dr. Patty Ann www.relationshiptoolbox.com […]

3 Non-Verbal Communication Secrets Revealed to Promote Success for your Business and Life

Verbal communication, i.e., the words you choose to get your message across is extremely valuable to your success in business (and life). Just as importantly however, (if not more importantly) is non-verbal communication. It is essential to your business success – with body language being perhaps the most important type of non-verbal communication. Being cognizant […]

The Relationship Secret Essential for Business Success

We all know some incredibly smart people that consistently sabotage their success in business by either alienating or angering the people around them. Regardless of how skilled and/or smart these people are, their success will be limited because they will have failed to develop a network of people who “have their back.” So when the […]

The #1 Relationship Skill You MUST have to Create Success in Business & Life

We all know really smart business women (and men) who, regardless of how brilliant they appear to be, are not successful. These smart people just cannot seem to get out of their own way!  So clearly, if all it takes is a high I.Q. to be successful in business, something else is going on here.  […]

A Major Relationship Tool Required for Your Business and Relationship Success

Just as a good marriage requires more than love to make it work, a successful business requires more than just a good product or service or even a good business plan. As a female entrepreneur or small business owner, your business, similar to all your relationships must have an abundance of Emotional Intelligence or EI […]

Your Mindset is the Key to Creating a Thriving Business and True Partnership!

In early April this ezine published an article titled: “5 key questions every entrepreneurial woman must ask to get what you want from your business and your intimate relationship.” Question #1: “Are you and your partner in a true partnership?” was discussed two weeks ago. Today’s ezine discusses question #2 which asks if you (and […]

Is your Marriage a Partnership or a Competition Getting in the Way of your Entrepreneurial Success?

Many entrepreneurs start their own business because they want to create a life which is fulfilling and satisfying – from both a financial and lifestyle perspective. Entrepreneurs (especially entrepreneurial women) are leading the way in the new world paradigm where work supports and enhances our lives and relationships; women are starting their own businesses in […]

3 Powerful Relationship Tools All Entrepreneurial Women Must Have for Success in Business & in Life

The frigid New England weather appears to be thawing – finally!  With the worst of winter behind us (hopefully) comes a little less snow and cold and a little more sunshine.  Although we have not completely put winter behind us just yet, the melting of the snow appears to be in full force.  As the […]