Your Mindset is the Key to Creating a Thriving Business and True Partnership!

In early April this ezine published an article titled: “5 key questions every entrepreneurial woman must ask to get what you want from your business and your intimate relationship.” Question #1: “Are you and your partner in a true partnership?” was discussed two weeks ago. Today’s ezine discusses question #2 which asks if you (and your partner) have the mindset you need to create a thriving business and true partnership – without having to sacrifice one for the other.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone – and it is certainly not for every marriage. Before diving headlong into an entrepreneurial endeavor, it is imperative you explore the following question: “Do you have the mindset you need to create a successful, moneymaking business and true partnership – all at the same time?” Does your mindset sabotage your entrepreneurial success and happiness in your marriage?

So what exactly does the term “mindset” mean and why Must you have the right mindset to make money in your business while having a happy marriage?

We have learned from Daniel Goleman’s book: “Emotional Intelligence” what separates people who are successful and happy from those who are not – and it is one’s mindset. All successful happy people do not necessarily have a high IQ. The fact that some people are “intellectually gifted”, “musically talented”, “naturally athletic”, etc. does not guarantee their success or happiness in business and/or life. The secret to success in your business and happiness in your relationship is found in your mindset. Why? Because it is your mindset which determines your ability to build lasting and emotionally satisfying relationships. It is your relationships skills that are necessary to make money in business and create happiness in your relationships. To be more specific, it is a positive mindset that entrepreneurs MUST HAVE to create wealth and entrepreneurial success while having an intimate happy relationship.

Your positive mindset must be created in 3 specific areas of your life for you to create a business that makes money and a marriage that you love. You must create a positive mindset for yourself as an entrepreneur – confident and determined of your success. You must create a positive mindset that your relationship will support your entrepreneurial efforts by effectively communicating with your spouse your desire for their support and understanding of your entrepreneurial dreams. Finally, you must possess a positive mindset for the way you and your spouse relate to each other within your marriage – growing and evolving as an individual- while staying connected as a couple as your business unfolds.

Creating a positive mindset holds a critical key for your success as an entrepreneur without having to sacrifice your marriage.

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