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3 Secrets for Keeping Romance in your Relationship when your Business Partner is also your Romantic Partner

Running a business with our significant other brings unique joys and challenges to our marriage/relationship. When we work with our significant other, the joy of a successful business day can leave us feeling exhilarating – as if we are on top of the world. But when the business is not exactly hitting it out of […]

Increase Business Profits When the Kids Go Back to School

The kids are back in school and for many entrepreneurial moms this means back to business – big time! The excitement which surrounds the new school year for kids can also permeate your business. For many working moms, back to school provides a reprieve from having the kids around all day long while trying to […]

Conflict Resolution Skill #2 for Women and Business

Although we have never had more methods by which to communicate with each other than ever before due to modern technology, i.e., blackberries, iphones, laptops, droids, etc, our ability to effectively communicate is not at such a great place these days. Listen to TV, talk radio and the media in general, when conflict – or […]