3 Secrets for Keeping Romance in your Relationship when your Business Partner is also your Romantic Partner

Running a business with our significant other brings unique joys and challenges to our marriage/relationship. When we work with our significant other, the joy of a successful business day can leave us feeling exhilarating – as if we are on top of the world. But when the business is not exactly hitting it out of the ballpark, the disappointment and sense of frustration of these moments can easily spill over into our romantic relationship. Following are 3 secrets that will help you avoid having your business get in the way of your romantic relationship – even when the business is having a bad day.

1. Time Boundaries – create some type of time boundary between your work life and your personal life. In other words, do not spend ALL – or even most – of your time together outside of work hours talking about work. Couples that work and play together often blend their two worlds where they forget to relate to each other as lovers – they only relate to each other as business partners. No pun intended, but this is the kiss of death for keeping a healthy emotional boundary between work and romance!

2. Communication – sometimes when we are in a business partnership with our significant other, we communicate with them in a way we would never even dream of speaking to someone else. We make these “assumptions” that we don’t have to be as careful with the words we choose when speaking to them, or that it is okay to interrupt them when they are speaking to us, or we implore a less than flattering tone and attitude when addressing our partner. Communicate with your partner during business discussions showing the same respect and consideration you would for a business partner who is not your romantic partner. Respect while communicating does not go out the window just because we work with our significant other.

3. Sense of Humor – We all know running a business together while sharing your life with your business partner can be hard work at times and it brings with it a unique set of challenges. This is why it is really important to keep your sense of humor and lighten up a bit when the going gets rough. An appropriately timed joke can really defuse a difficult situation, bringing levity and laughter to an otherwise not-so-funny situation. Make a joke, laugh with your partner when times get hard, the problem will still be there once the laughter subsides and you will be at a better place to find solutions to the problem – while keeping your relationship strong.

Use these 3 secrets I shared with my VIP Couple yesterday and your business and relationship will rock on…

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