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3 Often-Overlooked Secret Questions to Ask Your Partner That Will Increase Happiness in Your Marriage

My work with couples as a relationship and communication expert consistently shows that effective communication is at the heart of every happy relationship. However, an often-overlooked secret to effective communication lies in the fact that partners rarely ask each other the right questions. “What do you mean by the “right” questions?” you might be asking […]

The One Relationship Tool You Must Have For a Successful Happy Relationship

When couples are experiencing emotional turmoil and dis-connect (regardless of the reason) I always ask the question: “Tell me how you met and why you fell in love with your partner? Couples then pause and look at me in an extremely quizzical way. Almost as if to say: “Hey, I want to tell you what’s […]

The Secret Every Irishman Knows About Relationships

My son traveled throughout Europe and experienced many of the great cultures and people of this wonderful continent. But his favorite country – and people – was the Irish. When I asked him what it was he liked most about Ireland and the Irish people, he said: “The country is so beautiful but that’s not […]

Relationship SOS for the Holidays

Join me today on Lifegasms Radio.com at noon ET  for “Relationship SOS for the Holidays”. Does the stress and chaos of the holidays take it’s toll on your love life? On this radio show I will give some tips to save your relationship through the holidays. Tune in for the great advice and fun! http://ping.fm/fB9bp […]

Keeping Intimacy Alive

This week relationship advice ezine talked about how emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy go hand in hand in a happy healthy relationship. We really can’t have one without the other. Isn’t it amazing how life sometimes gets in the way of taking care of your relationship. Share with us how you keep intimacy alive in […]

Do you have realistic expectations for your relationship?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talks about the value of setting realistic expectations for your relationship. It is great to set high expectations for your life.  If you do not expect anything out of life that is exactly what you will get – nothing.  The same is true for your relationship.  We should have high […]

Keeping your relationship alive and healthy

What types of fun moments or special activities do you like to do with your partner to keep your relationship alive and emotionally healthy? It is really important that couples have fun times when they are together. Planning and having special activities together helps maintain a happy, healthy relationship because they provide a breath of […]