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4 Tips for Your Marriage to Survive Your Family’s Summer Vacation

Are you surprised to learn that divorce consultations surge when couples return home from their family’s summer vacation? Maybe you’re not surprised. Maybe your marriage has felt the stress and strain of what was suppose to be a relaxing few days of rest and relaxation. And instead, it turned out to be a vacation week […]

3 Relationship Behaviors to Avoid So You Don’t “Just Grow Apart!”

Many couples contact me for my relationship expertise with the stated problem being they and their partner have “just grown apart”. When I ask them what they mean by that they usually look at each other, look at me, look back at each other, shrug their shoulders and say: “We don’t know – we just […]

3 Simple Tips to Re-Kindle the Love in Your Relationship

Most brides and grooms say “I Do” starry eyed and with the love utmost sincerity. And as we all know however, it is only a matter of time before the honeymoon is over. The love is still there but the head-over-heels feeling gets buried underneath this thing called life: our jobs, the kids, the house, […]

5 Easy Ways to STOP FIGHTING about Money in Your Marriage/Relationship

Our wedding vows include the words: “for richer or poorer” – but as we all know, keeping this vow is easier said than done. For almost three decades, I’ve seen love diminish when couples fight over money! To avoid these damaging fights about money, follow these five (5) simple guidelines for handling money issues throughout […]

3 Ways to Avoid Money Fights in Marriage

When a couple falls in love they are dazzled by each other and either ignore or are blinded to behaviors or attitudes that may create tremendous stress to their relationship in the future. Differences in your attitude values and how you handle money often takes center stage in your marriage once the honeymoon subsides and the rose-colored glasses […]

3 Simple Steps to Ask for What You Need in Your Relationship – and Get It!

It would be impossible for me to tell you how many times I have heard someone say: “I shouldn’t have to ask for “it” (whatever “it” might be) from his or her partner. If my partner really loved me, he/she would know what I want.” And I often find myself replying: “Oh really, so your […]

3 Simple Ways to De-Stress Your Relationship and Your Life

Once again, current research has shown how people in happy committed relationships are healthier and live longer than people who aren’t in these types of relationships. Why? Because these couples have the emotional support of each other when the you-know-what hits the fan. Having your partner’s support takes a lot of the sting out of […]

Communication Skills based on Gender Intelligence that Increases Your Bottom Line

Failure to effectively communicate is often behind many failed business initiatives in both the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. (Ineffective communication is usually the main reason for failed relationships and marriages as well.) Brain science, professionally referred to as neuroscience, now helps us understand why and how men and women communicate differently. Businesses which know and […]

3 Easy Ways to Heat Up Your Relationship as the Kids Get Back to School

This was a great summer for beach loving and sports loving families!  We had the Olympics as we watched the women take home so much GOLD, and record breaking heat leaving us packing and heading to the beaches! But with all these fun activities, it’s easy to forget about our marriage and let it fizzle […]

Do you feel forced to have to sacrifice between a happy marriage and successful business?

Is your partner cognizant of the sacrifices you may have to endure to make your business succeed, especially when your entrepreneurial business is in the start up phase? These sacrifices include the time, resources and energy any start up business requires before it makes even one dollar of profit. Succinctly, is your marriage compatible with […]