Do you feel forced to have to sacrifice between a happy marriage and successful business?

Is your partner cognizant of the sacrifices you may have to endure to make your business succeed, especially when your entrepreneurial business is in the start up phase? These sacrifices include the time, resources and energy any start up business requires before it makes even one dollar of profit. Succinctly, is your marriage compatible with entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurial businesses do not create wealth or even one dime of profit instantly. As is true for most things in life, success in business requires countless hours of time, energy and dedication long before the business becomes profitable. Just as a strong house is built upon a solid foundation, a strong business is built upon a solid infrastructure that requires hours of tireless work that lays the cornerstone for a successful business. Much of this initial sweat equity does not result in immediate profit. This foundation however, is critical for the future success of your business – one that creates a leveraged, sustainable and profitable company.

The critical question is: “Can your relationship survive the hard work your entrepreneurial business will require – especially during the initial, and then expansion phases?”

It is imperative you communicate to your partner not only the amount of time it requires to build this solid foundation for your business but that you also communicate the need to finance this foundation before your business begins to make money. As anyone in business knows, it takes money to make money – entrepreneurial endeavors are no different.

Most relationships run into considerable difficulty when one spouse is in the start-up phase of their entrepreneurial business because a lack of clear, effective communication discussing the amount of commitment and sacrifice needed to create a successful entrepreneurial business had never been thoroughly discussed. How can you expect your spouse to support a business when all they see are inordinate amounts of your time, energy and passion being poured into it – and it only appears to be creating debt – from their perspective. If nothing has ever been explained to them about what your entrepreneurial business will require of you, especially in the start-up phase, how can you expect their support for it?

Think about the frustration you sometimes feel as your business drains you of time and energy and money – even though you are committed to it and believe in it. Can you imagine what your spouse feels if you have not communicated the hard work required to build the business – leaving them in the dark?

Communicate to your partner what is required to make your business successful in terms of time, energy, dedication and money. This is the only way to insure your partner will not only get on board with you for the entrepreneurial ride that surely awaits you – but that they stay on board! Communication is the foundation you need in your marriage so you do not have to sacrifice your marriage for entrepreneurial success.

Entrepreneurship requires enough sacrifices – do not make your marriage/relationship one of them.

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Dr. Patty Ann


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