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Emotional Intelligence: A Powerful Relationship Skill needed for success in your business/career and your life

Before this relationship skill was identified, it was believed that success was predicated upon one’s I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient). Conventional wisdom suggested that the higher the I.Q. the greater the chance for success. We now know that one’s I.Q. is merely one variable necessary for success – and perhaps not the most important one. Emotional Intelligence […]

Are you Ready to deal with this in BOTH Your Business and Your Marriage?

The one constant you can count on in life is change. Change in your business and change in your marriage and interpersonal relationships. And because of this fact, every entrepreneur must ask themselves if their relationship can survive the changes of their business – and can their business survive the changes in their marriage? Are […]

A Major Relationship Tool Required for Your Business and Relationship Success

Just as a good marriage requires more than love to make it work, a successful business requires more than just a good product or service or even a good business plan. As a female entrepreneur or small business owner, your business, similar to all your relationships must have an abundance of Emotional Intelligence or EI […]