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Great Communicators Nail This Down Every Time & You Can Too!

Don’t you just love this quote from the comedian George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Ineffective communication is often at the root of failed leadership, disengaged employees, poor customer service and failed marriages. The inability to connect with others is a symptom of ineffective […]

4 Communication Mistakes that Piss People Off

It’s pretty safe to say everyone agrees that effective communication skills are a vital “soft” skill for success yes? But many people are totally unaware of every day communication mistakes that go unchecked. These mistakes not only get in the way of your success – but they also piss people off – damaging important work […]

How to Read Body Language: 10 Secret Tools of the Trade

Wouldn’t it be of tremendous value to know how to read someone’s body language? Research shows approximately 55% of all communication comes from body language. Can you imagine what an advantage it would be to your career and your personal relationships if you were able to hear what is not being said! (Guys, this might […]

3 Non-Verbal Communication Secrets Revealed to Promote Success for your Business and Life

Verbal communication, i.e., the words you choose to get your message across is extremely valuable to your success in business (and life). Just as importantly however, (if not more importantly) is non-verbal communication. It is essential to your business success – with body language being perhaps the most important type of non-verbal communication. Being cognizant […]

3 Communication Skills for Your Success

Women know true success is found within our relationships – not money. The way we communicate with ourselves and with others ultimately determines the overall quality of our life – and the success or lack thereof – of everything we do! Creating and nurturing a true partnership with your partner is predicated upon effective communication […]

4 Easy Steps to Communicate and Connect with Others for Success in Business and Life

Last night I was in NYC attending the Women in Business 2012 Executive Leadership Program where the ability to develop and nurture relationships – on a global level – was discussed. Today I’m in Washington DC with a group of amazing executive women business leaders discussing the challenges which lie ahead for business. You can […]

Communication is KEY to your Success in Business and Life

As a relationship expert who has worked with entrepreneurial women for decades, I know that entrepreneurial women yearn to create a business they feel passionate about – and one that makes money – while having a partner who supports them. Entrepreneurial women know true success is found within our relationships – not money. This week’s […]