Make 3 Simple Emotional Investments – Triple the Love and Intimacy in Your Relationship!

Success in anything we do requires commitment, effort and investment of time and energy. The same is true for your relationship. Take a moment and think about how much commitment effort and energy you invest in your relationship. Be honest with yourself. Have you put the kids, your job, housework, your hobby, etc. before your relationship? Have you, albeit unintentionally, neglected your relationship – assuming it will always be there for you?

It is really easy to get caught up in “life”; especially in today’s world of multi-tasking and rushing around all over the place going from activity to activity. But doing all this running around often leaves our most intimate relationship simmering on the backburner – and if we spend too much time ignoring this relationship – we are bound to get burned.

Following are Dr. Patty Ann’s 3 Simple Emotional Investments which will triple the Love and Intimacy in Your Relationship! These investments are easy, simple and very effective!

  1. The first simple emotional investment to make in your relationship is:Respect. Respect for your relationship as a whole and for each other as an individual.

    Respect each other. You can disagree, you can argue, you can laugh and you can cry with each other. But you never want to disrespect each other if you want to maintain a happy, intimate and loving relationship with your partner. You and your partner may not always approach a problem from the same perspective – or share the same belief in some things; that’s okay – as long as you respect your differences.

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  2. The second simple emotional investment you must make in your relationship is:Honesty. Be honest with yourself – and with your partner -about what you are feeling. Do not lie to yourself about how you are feeling – it won’t serve you or your relationship well.

    Also, if your partner asks you how you feel about something that is sensitive between the two of you – tell them.They are asking you because they want to know and because they care – or else they wouldn’t ask. If you don’t answer them honestly, they can’t be emotionally sensitive to your feelings. If you don’t have honesty in your relationship, it is pretty hard to have trust and everything else that comes from trust in a relationship!

  3. The third simple emotional investment you must make in your relationship involves:Attention – Pay attention to your partner and your relationship. Don’t ignore it or take it for granted. Like everything else in life – relationships do not just take care of themselves. They require attention and nurturing to thrive and survive.

So let’s quickly review the 3 Simple Emotional investments you must make to triple the love and intimacy in your relationship. Respect each other and your differences. Be honest about your feelings to your partner, your relationship and yourself. And finally, pay attention to each other – do not assume your partner knows you love them – tell them with words and show them with your actions.  These 3 simple and highly effective emotional investments will triple the love and intimacy in your relationship!

Remember – your intimate relationship is the most important investment you own!

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann

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