A Halloween Trick or a Treat? – My NEW BOOK!

Just about everyone I tell that I am about to have my book published says, “Oh, I want to write a book too”, or “I began writing a book awhile ago, but the manuscript is sitting somewhere in my desk” etc. Can you relate? This got me thinking.

If everyone, okay maybe not everyone, but a lot of people wanted to write a book, and most people enter into a marriage/relationship with the intention of going the distance, what is the difference between the person who gets the book finished and the relationship that endures from the ones that don’t? Yes, the information and exercises in this book will provide you with what you need to create a thriving, successful business without sacrificing happiness in your marriage and family life. But it dawned on me that there is one word I would use to describe what it takes to actually write a book to completion and it is the same word I would use to describe what it takes to make a marriage work long-term.

Often times it is not lack of desire or love of what you are doing, or even the person you are with that stops us from achieving our goals. It is not idealism. We all know the road ahead won’t always be smooth and easy to travel (although we certainly hope it will be). The difference between starting a project or a relationship that requires a tremendous amount of effort (because nothing in life comes easy) is summed up in one word, commitment. We must be committed to seeing our relationship and anything else we undertake in life to the finish line.

Most things in business and life do not go according to plan. It is impossible to predict the twists and turns our life will take. But the ability to move forward and to stick it out when life throws us a curveball often comes down to our sense of commitment; being able to hang in there when the going gets tough. And this sense of commitment begins with ourselves. It begins with the belief in our worthiness and ability to love and be loved, and to share our talents with the world. You must be your biggest advocate.

Being committed to our business and our marriage is easy when things are going along swimmingly. But when things aren’t feeling so great, and the seas get choppy many times we have a very clear and conscious choice to make. Stay committed to your relationship or task at hand, or not. Only when we make a very conscious decision to stay committed to our work and our marriage will we be able to survive the highs and lows we will inevitably face.

Ask any couple who have been happily married for years, and ask any business person who has been successful. They will all tell you the road to happiness and success did not come easy. Only with dogged determination based on a sense of commitment to both themselves and their relationship were they able to weather the stormy seas and eventually come out on top.

So the next time you think you want to throw in the towel on your marriage or your business, try to remember the commitment that brought you to the relationship or the task you began with and then think again! Treat the world to your gifts!

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