Work-Life Balance? Or Something Else?

It is no wonder the Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the Western Woman – and the women with whom I had the pleasure to speak with two days ago are the very ones the Dalai Lama was speaking about: smart, intelligent, sophisticated and dedicated to helping women create a successful career without having to sacrifice happiness in their marriage and family life.  Women in corporate managerial positions are the very ones who will welcome change into the rigid corporate structure.  These women are cognizant of the fact that in order to be competitive in a global world, companies literally cannot afford to lose women due to rigid corporate structures that are unwelcoming to women’s needs.

One of my key points of discussion revolved around the misnomer of the term “work-life balance.”  In fact, through the course of our conversation not one woman in the room knew any working women (corporate, entrepreneurial or otherwise) that felt as if they had achieved work-life balance as it is portrayed in the media. The key for women to create success in their work and personal life is found in the ability to reconcile their work and family responsibilities.

Reconcile comes from the Latin word “reconciliare, to bring into agreement or harmony competing differences.”  Isn’t that what our work responsibilities and our family responsibilities really are?  Differing responsibilities that we must come to terms with in order to create success and happiness on our lives.

One of the key ways to reconcile our work and family responsibilities is through the appropriate use of time = what I consider to be our most important commodity. The ability to prioritize your time wisely is the key to reconciling your work and family responsibilities.  A way to prioritizing your time wisely is found in the ability to be totally present when at work and totally present when at home.  In other words, structure your life so you have the systems in place to not be worried about your family when you are at work and visa versa.  The way to create these systems is by creating a family plan that complements rather than competes against your business plan as discussed in my Amazon best selling book: “Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!”

Don’t worry about work-life balance; create success in your work and your personal life by reconciling these two responsibilities in the unique way in which it will work for you and your family.

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