“The Secret” for the Royal Couple to “live happily ever after”

Prince William certainly cannot look to his parent’s marriage for “The Secret” of “living happily ever after.” As a matter of fact, the Royal family in general does not have such a great track record for happy marriages – we can go back to King Henry XIII to attest to this abysmal marriage record (and Kate certainly wouldn’t want to go there – lol). The stats show that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This begs the question: “Don’t you wonder what the other 50% of the happily married couples are doing right?” Here is “The Secret” Prince William & Kate Middletown – and all other couples need to know for “living happily ever after”.

“The Secret” Prince William and Kate Middletown need to know for creating a “happily ever after” marriage is the ability to focus on the positive aspects of their relationship. All marriages have their ups and downs. Couples in happy marriages have learned to focus on the “up” or positive aspects of their relationships and not the “down” – the negative aspects. Happy couples understand all relationships go through difficult phases, some which may last for more than a day or two – but they are able to get through these difficult phases by acknowledging the fact that “this too shall pass.”

All couples have their disagreements and disillusionments with each other and couples who remain happy tend to view their overall relationship through a positive lens – framing issues, even conflict, from a positive perspective. These positive aspects of the relationship are then viewed as the most essential parts of their relationship – making the negative aspects (conflict) appear to be less important.

Along with focusing on the positive, couples in long-term happy relationships view their partner’s imperfections (all those annoying little habits everyone has) in a manner that neutralizes its impact on their relationship. For example, a husband might understand his wife’s need for orderliness as a way of dealing with stress in her life instead of viewing it as her nagging him. This type of positive thinking about annoying behavior keeps the relationship framed within a supportive and loving perspective, turning a potential negative of the relationship into a positive.

In the final analysis, the secret to a happy marriage is, to a large extent, based upon the couple focusing and approaching each other from a positive place. If the relationship is viewed from an overall positive place, the couple will be able to sustain a supportive, loving and understanding relationship toward each other – ensuring a “happily ever after” marriage. Therefore, Prince William and Kate Middletown, stay positive!


Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann

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