The Marriage Ref Review for April 22, 2010

The Marriage Ref aired Thursday April 22nd, on NBC.  The featuring guests were Donald Trump, Gloria Estefan and Adam Carollat. Tom Papa is, of course The Marriage Ref.

Here’s my review:

Comments on Don & Phyllis – What are the “rights of the wife, in terms of giving directions, when she sits in the passenger seat of the car while her husband drives?

Let me preface this discussion with the difference between myself and my husband. Coming from someone who needs directions to get around the corner, I am while married to a man who could find his way home in the middle of the Sahara desert without a map.  That being said, I not only concede to my husband’s sense of direction when driving anywhere, (regardless of what the GPS or map quest directions suggest) I happily take in the scenery, read a book or just enjoy our time together – and quite frankly, I could care less how we get anywhere – as long as we get to where we are going on time.

I agree with The Marriage Ref’s call – if the wife – or anyone else in the passenger seat wants to “drive”, then they should be in the driver seat. Anyway who has experienced a “back seat” driver, knows how aggravating they can be to listen to!  So I agree – Don wins this one!! Final thought on this couple: Phyllis you need to chill out!

Comments on Antwon & Lazaundra – Should the husband have to go grocery shopping with his wife to help her make her coupon purchases?

I applaud this woman’s effort to save money by using coupons.  She is saving 50% of the total grocery bill for her family.  What could possibly be wrong with this case scenario?  Well, I will tell you – her goal to save money for the family is great; however, as I say many times, it is not what you say but how you say it.  Therefore, Lazaundra needs some more diplomacy when speaking when Antwon about this subject. That being said …

I agree with The Marriage Ref’s call – Antwon should help Lazaundra in the grocery store while shopping for coupon items.  In addition,  Lazaundra needs to re-frame this issue and let Antwon know he is not helping her – but their family!  Lazaundra needs to emphasize the team work aspect of this task and how the money saved on the grocery bill is, in fact, more money for them to enjoy on other things!

On a final note – how many guys wouldn’t give their right arm to have a woman save them 50% on their grocery bill – every week? Give it up for Lazaundra!!

Make sure you check out next week’s comments as Dr. Patty Ann – “The Relationship Expert” makes her “Call” on the Marriage Ref’s Call!

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