The Invisible War: Exposing Modern Warfare With Casey Fleming

TTD 15 Casey Fleming | Modern Warfare


The new age of technology has opened many doors and opportunities for progress and development. However, it also spurs on the continuously growing threat surrounding modern warfare. Today’s guest is Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners. Casey joins Dr. Patty Ann Tublin to expose the current war that’s happening right under our noses and threatening the free world without our knowledge. He aims to raise awareness and push grassroots efforts to protect the nation and the future of our children against the unrelenting and almost undetectable attacks spurred on by the Chinese Communist Party. Brace yourself for shocking revelations as he shares information that could change the way you see the world forever.

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The Invisible War: Exposing Modern Warfare With Casey Fleming

We have an amazing guest but before we get started, since I know you are going to love this episode, make sure you like, share, comment and subscribe to the show. This man that I am about to introduce to you is one of the reasons why you and I sleep well at night. He is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world on risk strategy, counterintelligence and hybrid warfare.  

Casey is the recognized world leader as a cyber intelligence expert. He is the Chairman and CEO of a company called BlackOps Partners. It is a global leader in developing strategic risk strategies and counterintelligence in both the public and private sectors. I could go on and on about Casey but you will learn from him. He advises the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, DOJ, FBI, NCSC, and the private sector on counterintelligence and significant threats to freedom, economic and national security urgently affecting every American. I am excited and proud to welcome Casey Fleming to this show. Casey, welcome. I am excited to have you here. Thank you.

Thank you for having me, Patty.

You are truly a reason for us to sleep well at night. As we have this conversation, and this will be evergreen, it is important to know that Russia is poised to invade Ukraine. You know about this stuff. Start with wherever you would like. Give a little bit of your history and take it from there.

I was with IBM and founded the IBM Cyber Division. I was a Strategy Executive for Deloitte. I did Silicon Valley turnarounds and got into this decades ago. The reason I got into it is that I was appointed to the FBI Academy. One night, they were talking about economic espionage and I said, “These are my customers. Why don’t I know about this?” We commissioned a study and found out that it was much worse than anybody has anticipated.

I’m going to backtrack on your comment about why we all sleep better at night because of my company. I’m not too sure after this show, your audience is going to be sleeping well. I’m going to spell things out that every American and everybody in the free world knows about. They just need somebody to point them in the right direction and connect the dots. That is what I’m going to do for you. I’m an Iowa paperboy back in the day. I grew up in Iowa and went to high school in St. Louis and college in Texas. That is my background on who I am. I’m an American patriot.

You can give a shout-out to your alumni. Where in Texas did you go to school? 

It is Texas A&M, which was founded as a military school back in the day. I’m here for your audience to get more into the detail of what is going on in America, the world and the free world as well. You mentioned Ukraine. This is the run-up we saw in 1939 to World War II with Germany, Japan, Italy and Romania, all aligned against the free world. You got the same thing happening with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, all very tightly aligned.

You got Ukraine with Russia, Taiwan with China. Incidentally, you also saw Hong Kong being taken over by China with barely a whimper. You also have potentially North Korea going into South Korea all within the same one-year timeframe. That is what is at stake against the free world. Your freedom, how you handle your day, and the things that you enjoy in life are hanging in the balance, and it is during your watch.

My purpose of being on Patty’s show is to give you more detail and connect the dots so you are more aware of what is going on. I’m going to talk about things that may seem political. They are not political. When I talk about war and warfare, that rides about four levels above any politics. I speak something and you may want to think it is political. It is not political. It is 100% America. It is war footing. I will explain to you how this is World War III. The difference between World War II and World War III is that our enemies are operating at the speed of technology and at the stealth of unrestricted hybrid warfare.

When you were saying, “For Americans,” for the international audience, I’m going to say that is synonymous with freedom in the world.

Our enemies want to completely replace the world order, the free world, and the economic system that was set forth after World War II and replace it with Chinese communism. It is happening now. The Black Lives Matter is a Chinese communist movement. They are hijacking Black people. The top Black leaders know that. There are all kinds of evidence and intelligence to show that it is a Chinese communist/Marxist movement. It’s the same thing with Defund the Police, Critical Race Theory, Choose Your Gender, wokeism and racism. All these things are Chinese communist movements that are in your living room, on our streets and our companies.

For the readers that go right to politics, what can you say where you can quiet them that it is not politics? You said it is four levels above. Can you give some evidence that people will understand?

TTD 15 Casey Fleming | Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare: Our enemies want to completely replace the world order, the free world, and the economic system that was set forth after World War II.


The evidence is so overwhelming that it is impossible to bring it home to people. Here is one. The most significant thing that happened in Canada over the last 25 years was the Freedom Convoy. Did you see any of that on mainstream media on TV? You did not. That is how you are being controlled, narrated to, called and compromised. Consider that. How can you run your company, family or anything when you are only getting propaganda, and you are not getting true and accurate news?

I do not ever watch mainstream media. It is not true. Incidentally, you said, “How do you make this non-political?” My company, BlackOps Partners, is straight down the middle. We are Americans. We fight for liberty and the constitution. We do not take the side of the left or right. We are straight down in the middle. When you look at what my company and I looked at for 100 hours a week, every day for a decade, its intelligence and evidence. For anybody who wants to fact-check me, here is what I would ask you to do. Go to our LinkedIn and our company page and follow that.

Every day we post about 10 to 12 articles from the printed side of mainstream media. This is public information. You can follow what I mean by unrestricted hybrid warfare. Let me explain what that is. Unrestricted means they follow no rules. In World War II, we followed the Geneva Convention. Now, there are no rules. They have described themselves as our enemies. Even Putin has come out and said, “I’m using information warfare, so what?”

You said you have been following this for many years. This was going on during Trump and Biden. That would show it is a non-political thing for you.

It has been going on since Bush 43, Obama. It has been going on since 1986, month number three, which is CCP, Nation-State Program 863. You can look that up. I will codify it for you. It says we are going to lie, cheat, steal and replace the United States and the free world. We are going to take our rightful destiny back where we ran the world for 2,000 years and run it for the next 2,000 years. The last century was the century of humiliation when the Japanese invaded China and so on.

You got CCP, the Chinese Communist Party coming back as a vengeance. I do not want to be doing this. I would rather be like most Americans and be in bliss, hanging with my family and my friends. Once you see this, it is true. I would say to your readers, get your family, friends, colleagues to follow that company page on LinkedIn. I guarantee you nobody is trying to sell you anything.

I promise you, when you go to the first page, you will become angry. On the second page through 6 or 7 articles, you will be sick. On the third page, you are going to get sick, crawl into the corner in a fetal position, and cry for mommy because that is what is going on. Even in my position, the level of destruction and weakening towards the United States and the free world is mind-boggling. You got to start somewhere.

I remember when I started back in the day, my first month was, “They are not doing this.” My second month was, “They might or could be doing this.” The third month was, “They were doing this.” That is why I commissioned our company to go after this thing. The last thing the country needed was another 1 of 4,000 cybersecurity software companies. We need to understand that if you are at war, which we realized we were, you have to become intimate with your enemy. That is what we do. We are very intimate with our enemy. They describe themselves as our enemy and being at war with the United States.

What do you mean by intimate with the enemy? I know sleeping with the enemy. How does that play out in cyberspace?

You have to understand your enemy’s strategy, tactics and intelligence. We create counterintelligence to know everything that we can about them and throw them off from achieving their objectives within our economy, country and so on. Remember, the United States private sector, businesses and companies are our economy. Our economy funds our military, national security and government. Nobody really protects our economy from all of that. When you see that this company was breached, most people will say, “That’s unfortunate,” then they grab their Starbucks. The point is when a company has been breached, I want everybody to understand that a chunk of your children’s future is gone. Every breach that you hear about is a breach against your children’s future.

Tell us more about that so the readers can understand because I’m not even sure I understand what that means.

You hear a data breach with these aircraft engines, aircraft avionics, aircraft wing design, composite design for the wings, radar assemblies, nose cone assemblies and landing gear. This is going on in every industry. There is only one China and it is completely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. There are lots of innocent Chinese citizens but they are completely controlled by a dictatorship, a totalitarian and an authoritarian regime. The problem that Americans and our allies in the free world make is we assume that China is like us and they have the same values as we do. They don’t. They couldn’t be more diametrically opposed.

We are about the individual and they are very much about the state.

The difference between World War II and World War III is our enemies are operating at the speed of technology and the stealth of unrestricted hybrid warfare.

The state says, “Look what we have done for you. Aren’t you happy? You need to be happy.” They say, “I’m happy.” There is a social credit system to manage everybody and control them. If you do not do what you are supposed to do, you can’t travel. Your kids can’t go to university. You are not going to get the job you want and so on. You have to worship.

There is no religion left in China. All religion is banned there. Certainly the Christian cross, mosques, you name it. The only religion allowed is the religion of the CCP and they worship it. There are Falun Gong there, which are peaceful meditators and meditation practitioners that are banned by the Chinese government. What is very sick is the Chinese government, the military and the CCP uses these Falun Gong practicers as live human organ transplants. There is another word for that.

There is a documentary that came out years ago and the name of it is Letter from Masangia. They have killed anywhere from 2.5 million to 10 million of these Falun Gong practitioners for their organs. When I say live human organ transplants, another word for that is murder. We all know about the Uighurs that are being education/re-education camps. They are torture camps. The Tibetans that they took over decades ago are no longer allowed to practice Buddhism or worship the Dalai Lama and all that type of stuff. All that is completely erasing their heritage, culture and all that.

Back to what I was saying about the theft of intellectual property. Our economy is based on intellectual property, research and development. That’s what powers our economy. The companies get paid for that and that is how they pay their employees and so on. I gave you one of the thousands of examples that there is an aircraft. The Chinese Communist Party launched the C-919. That competes with the Boeing 787, 800/900. Each one of those Boeing aircraft is worth about $100 million in the US economy. That is $100 million for revenue, profit, jobs, schools and our way of life.

However, when you steal the research and development, which are two elements or two planes, no pun intended. The point is there are two planes. In other words, there is time and money associated with research and development. For example, it takes you seven years to develop that avionics technology and it takes you $7 billion. The Chinese Communist Party has erased the need for time, seven years and the money, $7 billion. They are completely on par with you and forget your investment.

Here’s another one, microelectronics, semiconductors and microchips. A company called Micron Technology in Boise, Idaho had 50% of their intellectual property stolen over a weekend. A plant manager in Taiwan defected to China with their trade secrets. They went to the FBI and DOJ and said, “We want our stuff back.” I tell people, “If you write them a nice letter to the CCP, I’m sure they will send it back to you.” I say that facetiously.

The point is when you steal all the intellectual property and you erase the time and money requirement for research and development, the Chinese Communist Party is now on par. They are selling your product to your customers. They have your customer list because they have breached your systems. This is in every industry and every company. How long can you survive when you got a nation-state selling your product to your customers at $0.45 on the dollar?

Micron Technology is in the Wall Street Journal. It is public information. I’m not violating any NDAs on that. There is the American Superconductor. Energy windmills are the windmills that generate power. The Chinese company called Sinovel stole all the IPs that they needed. If your readers want evidence, this is one of the thousands of pieces of evidence.

How do those companies stay afloat then? How did they not end up going bankrupt?

They go bankrupt. This company sold $1 billion worth of energy windmills to China years ago. China took 100 million of those windmills and still needed that source code. That is the kernel or the inside of the chicken nugget on software. That source code allows you to change the code and make modifications. It is the golden jewel of software. Only 1 of 7 people in the world had that source code. They found a young 30-year-old partner in Austria. He is a systems engineering manager in Austria for one of the partners. What do those guys operate on? Girls and booze. It’s €20,500 to get that source code through a relationship. It is called honey potting, alcohol, girls, sex and USB drives.

It sounds like James Bond.

It is real. I have been doing this for decades. I do not want to be the guy doing this stuff, but when it comes across your desk and you got kids, somebody has got to step up. It needs people like me with my skillset. It is not our military. I’m going to get into that in a second on what unrestricted hybrid warfare is, but it is everything short. How to weaken the United States and the free world everything short of conventional warfare?

Our conventional warfare guys and gals are all trained in World War II technology and methods, which are tanks, planes, guns, bombs, troops and all that stuff. This is everything short of that. These are drug, education, economic, telecommunications, cyber, political and religious warfare. There are over 100 different methods to weaken the United States.

TTD 15 Casey Fleming | Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare: The level of destruction and weakening towards the United States and the free world is mind-boggling.


They go into the fabric of what makes up society.

I’m here to tell you that racism in the United States is nowhere near as bad as we’re taught to think it is through social media. Over 85% of social media in the United States has weaponized disinformation. Some studies have been done where Americans believe the 85% nonsense over the actual 14% or 15% truth. This is all weaponized disinformation that is being sent through social media.

Why do you think that is the case? Why do you think 85% of Americans believe social media as truth as opposed to disinformation?

Just look at Americans’ appetite for reality TV. Reality TV could not get more nutty. Americans love to watch train and car wrecks. It is human nature. You are going to look at them in the most audacious crap that comes across social media. I’m not a young man anymore. I can discern what the truth is, plus I have at my fingertips all the latest intelligence. Our 14-year-olds, 12-year-olds and college students don’t. That is where we have to be concerned that our future is being indoctrinated.

TikTok is diabolical. If any of your family or friend are using TikTok, get off of it. My other advice, any technology whatsoever from China, you must consider it to be weaponized against you, your family and the free world. I’m talking hardware, software, chips, charging cables, all the way down to appliances. If you got appliances that you have to put in a code to your Wi-Fi, all your stuff is being sent back to the Chinese Communist Party into big databases to be used with current artificial intelligence and later artificial intelligence as it continues to evolve and get more efficient. That might be AI on top of data. This year’s data but AI on top of that, and then AI five years from now.

I’m curious, Casey. Where are your appliances from?

Anywhere but China.

If you look around your house, it looks like everything is made in China.

It is because our government has allowed it. As citizens, we have allowed our government to let it go forward. My advice to everybody is number one, get involved. I sent a couple of slides to Patty. I do not know if she will be able to post those but you can also go to our website. I’m not selling anybody. The point is we do business war games based on counterintelligence.

That is how business is being done now. It is a geopolitical world and your enemy who has defined themselves as your enemy dictates how you are going to be doing business in the world. That is what we do. We do business war games tailored to your company. I know that is not this audience. This is my public service announcement through Dr. Patty to help your audience understand what is going on.

Anything you have to share, we are all in this together. If people did not think they were tuning in for that and they are being offered this, I would listen up.

I’m the last thing from a conspiracy theorist. I have thrown my hefty resume into the fireplace years ago to help fight for our country. You are not hearing this out of mainstream media and other avenues because they are compromised. To finish that thought with that airplane, you pull out $100 million at a time through a large carrier order of 50 jets or 100 jets. You are pulling out your quality of life for your family, children and freedom. That is how we fund our national security.

Here is another one. Nortel was the AT&T of Canada, the oldest and largest employer in Canada. It was founded in 1895. In the year 2000, they were $30 billion. That is a lot of money back then in Canada. Another company was starting up in China. That company, through the executive’s passwords, breached business email and compromised the executives at Nortel. In 2004, the IT manager was running up and down the hallways with his hair on fire. The executives did not pay any attention to him. By 2008, the company was bankrupt. This is the AT&T of Canada, Nortel. The other company is a reverse mirror image. You saw Nortel going down. This other company was going up. In 2008, guess who was $30 billion? I think the last check was $120 billion. The name of that company is Huawei.

The modern battlefield is everywhere.

They got Google and Amazon knockoffs in China. The point is they are systematically unwinding what the United States has built since World War II, which supports our freedom, our free world and democracy. There are all different methods of weaponizing and weakening the United States. This is a no-charge money slide that I’m going to give you. You can go to our website, which is Go onto the Insight tab. There are three boxes at the top. One is unrestricted warfare. There are three bubbles. In the United States, we only think in terms of you are either at war or not. Your enemy thinks of this whole big bubble in the center, which is unrestricted hybrid warfare. It is everything short of conventional war. We have to think like our enemy, which is China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. They are all tightly coupled against the United States and the free world.

There is another slide in there, which I call the money slide. It is taken a whole lot of intelligence to put that slide together, as well as counterintelligence. It says, “The modern battlefield is everywhere.” You take that slide and marry that to following our company page on LinkedIn. You will now be very alert to what is going on in your world and how they are systematically dismantling the free world for a complete takeover.

What are the objections that you usually hear from people when you share these stories and this type of information? How do you quiet those objections?

Years ago, I used to speak to boards of directors and CEOs. A third of the critiques would come back and say, “This is incredible information. We need this information. Thank you very much.” A third said, “This is great entertainment.” Another third said it was a conspiracy theory. The pandemic set all that stuff straight. Bob Gates came out in 60 Minutes. He was the Secretary of Defense under Obama and Bush 43. He said, “Trump did a good thing. He woke the people up to the Chinese threat.” Another point is that FBI Director Christopher Wray has been coming out for the past years. You have never ever heard of the FBI Director coming out and saying, “China is our most significant threat to the future of the United States.”

Why would you never hear that from the FBI?

They are typically quiet. They are clandestine. They are not going to call out a nation-state. Everybody wants to play nice in the sandbox, but it is so bad that he is ringing the alarm bell. The issue is our Federal government and our military do not understand the private sector. If you are going to hire me to go in and tell the Air Force that these are the jets we need over the next years, this is what we need to be prepared for and how we are going to train our troops, I’m not qualified to do that. They are not qualified to advise the private sector.

We have a big mismatch and that is why my company is one of the companies that advised Congress, the Pentagon which is the military, and government agencies to bridge that gap of what is going on out there. People are very aware. They saw all this stuff roll out. In 2020, when I saw BLM and all these things roll out, I thought that was going to happen over a 6 or 7-year period. I’m the guy at the tip of the spear and it rolled out over a 6 or 7-month period.

What is your point for that?

The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated the United States so much more than I had understood it to be. It was carefully orchestrated and so on. Look at the date that the virus came out, that date keeps moving up. It was late January, early January, then it was December. The last date was October.

What’s up with the change? Are we getting more information? 

We are getting more information. The Chinese Communist Party burnt all of the records. Any doctors that initially came out were silenced, tortured and some of them died. We got evidence that there were 40 mobile crematoriums. The point is, why would you need 40 crematoriums? They were running all of them. If they are running their regular crematoriums 24/7, 365, why are they doing that when there are only 6,000 cases?

You think their mortality rates are much higher than they say.

It is way higher. That is why they are doing extreme lockdowns to try to control it as well.

TTD 15 Casey Fleming | Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare: The People’s Liberation Army is just like the American army, except that the American army is only designed to protect the Constitution and the PLA’s only job is to protect the CCP and keep them in power.


Where do you believe the virus started?

Engineered bioweapon in Wuhan lab. No doubt.

Do you think the government has that information?


Why are we not sharing that? I hate to ask a naive question.

Your government, FBI and DOJ are compromised. We got people that are on the payoff. A lot of these people are being promised when this moves over to the Chinese Communist Party take over that they will get a seat in the golden circle. What they need to understand is just look at the history of the CCP. The only people that are going to be in the golden circle in the future are the Chinese CCP nationals. Look at the way that they have treated their people over the last years since they came in power in 1949. They have been around since 1921. Anybody who is in opposition or not a Chinese national is exterminated and it is World War II.

Do you mean literally exterminated?

Absolutely. They killed 77 million of their people total over the past 70 years. Look it up, Great Famine and so on. I do not want to be the guy putting this stuff, but I’m telling my fellow Americans that now is the time. We are infiltrated so poorly. Let me give you another example. There were two black Ford Fusions driving around Silicon Valley a few years ago. There’s nothing special about them. On the side of the car, there was an emblem. Do you know what that emblem was? The Chinese Communist Part Ministry of State Security. That is MSS. They are driving around to keep their people in control, the Chinese nationals and Chinese Americans. They are driving around as a police force through Silicon Valley.

That’s before the virus.


Did we know about it?

Incidentally, it had nothing to do with the virus at all. However, this is another example of the infiltration and subversion that the Chinese Communist Party has done through the United States and the rest of the free world. You and your audience are in a full-blown war. They have been. I’m connecting the dots. I’m giving you their strategy. I’m letting you know what is going on. I apologize for the sobering call. Your audience will not be sleeping over the weekend as they process this information. Think about that. That is like two black FBI cars with the FBI logo on the side through the streets of Beijing or Shanghai.

They can do that because we are a free society. We couldn’t do that in Beijing because they are not a free society but in the States, you can drive around with any car and any logo on the side of your car.

The issue is our federal government and military don’t understand the private sector.

That is right. The Chinese nationals and Chinese Americans know what that emblem is. That means, “We are watching you and you better stay in line.” The FBI stopped them and ended that as soon as we found out about it. At the peak, from 2017 to 2018, there were 405,000 Chinese students (spies) at US universities.

I vaguely remember something about that. We sent them home. What was going on there?

We sent a few homes that we targeted, scrubbed and said, “These are probably PLA officers disguised as graduate students.”

PLA stands for what?

People Liberation Army. There is a key differentiator. The PLA is like the American Army, except for the fact the American Army is only designed to protect the constitution and the people. The PLA’s only job is to protect the CCP and keep them in power. We ushered a few out, nowhere near what we needed to, but you have to understand when you were raised in China and you leave the country, you have to check out of your local police station. Only it is not a police station. It is a government station.

When you check out, “Where are you going? What department? You are going over to this university. You are going to do this. You are an undergrad. Check in about every six months. If you are a graduate student, you need to be checking in every 30 days and tell us what access you have to intellectual property development and research. We are going to tell you how to get in and all that.” The point is every Chinese citizen who is a Chinese national from China going to university or working in US companies, agencies or US military are all considered an asset by the Chinese Communist Party.

You use the word every. Do you mean every?

I mean every Chinese citizen is considered an asset in a totalitarian communist regime.

A seventeen-year-old kid comes here. He has the tools and the wherewithal to be hacking, spying, whatever he wants to do?

No, they are considered assets. In other words, if the CCP deems that you are in a position to get information to help the country and the nation’s state, you will be called upon to do your duty or they are going to kill you or educate/train your family. That is torture. I’m not saying that every seventeen-year-old but if a seventeen-year-old says, “I got this kush research job. I’m helping this kush PhD as an undergraduate seventeen-year-old student.” I guarantee you, if he is a 22-year-old graduate student, he is being called upon by the CCP.

When they come over, in their mind, do they think they are coming over for education and then the state tells them otherwise?

They are coming over for education. The United States and the Brits still have the best college education in the world., but you have an extracurricular requirement. When you are a Chinese citizen, it is your duty to spy, copy, steal and pirate. You are taught the propaganda and they all have apps on their phones to worship Chairman Xi and the Chinese Communist Party. The more you and your family look at that app, your social credit score goes up. You get to do cool things in China. You get to travel for vacation. You might even fly first-class. If you do not worship the app enough, do cool things for the CCP or posted something that they did not like, your social credit score goes down to the point where you cannot travel on any public aircraft and trains. Your kids can’t go to university, private school, do this and that.

What Americans need to understand immediately is that we are in a full-blown war. It is a war that we are not trained in. What this show is about is to give you your level of training, so share this show with everybody. It raises your awareness. It is on your watch for yourself if you don’t have kids. If you have kids and grandkids, it is on your watch.

TTD 15 Casey Fleming | Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare: We’ve got all this politically correct woke-ism, and it’s to hold everybody back so we can continue to fight each other.


I do not care what you have done in the past and how big your bank account is. The world is a very different place than you think it was or where you think it is. I urge anyone that feels that I’m speaking with a forked tongue to fact-check me. This is what it’s all about. We got all this politically correct wokeism to hold everybody back so we can continue to fight each other.

That’s the old war strategy of divide and conquer. 

It is horrible to be Christian in the United States. You can’t be Catholic. They are burning churches. Christmas does not exist anymore. Schools are teaching differently. They are teaching Critical Race Theory. They are teaching the little boys, “You can choose your gender. You are a racist or this or that.” When we were children or in college, we would never imagine that this would ever go on in our country. That is why I say this is happening on your watch.

My understanding and little that I do know is that with the school curriculum, from what I have heard, this did not happen overnight. This has been going on for quite some time. Why are we seeing the fruits of the labor just now?

It has been going on under the radar for quite some time. It all came out during the pandemic, part of this whole release mechanism by the Chinese Communist Party and their supporters in the United States.

What do you mean by the release mechanism?

It is their release strategy. In other words, “Let’s use this pandemic to cloak what we are doing over here.” As far as incursions into India, South China Sea, Australia, global fishing where they are pulling up everything out the oceans and off the coast of South America, Galapagos Islands and that stuff, you are looking at all this Chinese aggression and all this is happening while the world was trying to put down the pandemic. Go back and look at the news and our postings on our company page on LinkedIn. You will see all that stuff.

They are creating their own internet and GPS to shut ours down. They are replacing everything that the United States and the free world have put forth to completely replace the United States and the free world. That is what I want your audience to understand. It is serious. I’m sorry that I have ruined people’s day over this but this is what is going on. I’m one of the few people that will come out and tell you that this is the truth. Please fact-check me if there is any doubt and go through those articles.

Let me ask you a question, Casey. In all seriousness, do you have bodyguards? Do you need personal security?

I do.

Around your home, are there men outside with sunglasses on?

I’m not going to tell you what we do but we got protection.

How does your family deal with that? You have a son and a daughter. How do they handle that? That is scary.

Americans need to understand immediately that we are in a full-blown war. It’s a war that we’re not trained in.

They know that this is what dad does and dad is a warrior. It is on dad’s watch and dad is one of the guys that is doing something about it. Other people will look the other way and say, “It is somebody else’s problem.” The problem is so big. It isn’t somebody else’s problem. We got so much infiltration and subversion in the United States that this is going to take a grassroots effort.

People like you and I, Patty, your audience and the entire mainstream America are waking up to the fact that there is something very nefarious going on against our rights and freedom. I’m straight down the middle. I identify with the left and the right. My point is we are talking about freedom. The left and the right can agree that we all want the same thing, a better life for our children. When you are talking war, in other words, they want to take over your country and put your children into manufacturing plants, 7 days a week, 15 hours a day to support the Chinese economy. That is what we are talking about.

Is that what they do?

A hundred percent. If you doubt that, look what they did to the Tibetans. What they have done to Falun Gong? They only killed them, took their organs, put the rest of them in internment camps. Look at what they are doing to the Uighurs. You have to understand that from a Chinese Communist perspective, they believe that they have a superior race, and they are creating a superior race.

That sounds familiar, very scary so.

There was a 60-minute piece that came out a few years ago from the then National Counterintelligence Executive. His name is Bill Evanina. He is a great guy. All of our counterintelligence organizations rolled up to this guy. That position exists because, after 9/11, they had a consulting company come in and say, “We had the intelligence. If we only talked to each other, it’ll roll up to the single person.” They created this position called the National Counterintelligence Executive. He displayed how the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated and data breached these DNA databases. DNA like, “I’m going to give you a Christmas present and we are going to swab your saliva. We are going to tell you that you are 2% Nordic and 7% British.” Several of those companies lost 100% of their data.

Are you talking about 23andMe?

Yes, I am and there are other ones. I’m talking about those types of DNA companies. I’m not going to name those specifically but companies like 23andMe. All this stuff is googleable. Several of these DNA companies’ databases have been taken over by the Chinese Communist Party for military action and hybrid warfare action against the American people.

Let’s say China has your DNA and my DNA. What on God’s green earth are they going to do with that? Lord knows you do not want to make another one of me.

China and the Chinese Communist Party manufacture over 90% of pharmaceuticals for the United States and the free world. They manufacture 100% of our antibiotics. It also says that they can create vaccines to inoculate their own people. In our DNA, we’re American because of our heritage. We may react to certain viruses. They can inoculate their population against those viruses and so on. That is called bioweapons and biowarfare. I do not want to be telling you this stuff but I’m telling you where to look for this stuff to wake up and smell the coffee. You all know it is going on under your noses. You just needed somebody to tell you the truth and point you in the right direction. That is what this show is about.

When I consult with companies and there is a toxic culture, I report that back to the execs and I’m like, “You all know it. You just do not hear anybody say it. What are you going to do about it?” Let me try to look for a silver lining here. For the readers, I heard Casey pretty much say what he is sharing with us at a conference. I’m like, “I have to have this man on my show.” The Chinese do not live in the West so they do not understand our mindset. Most of us have not lived in China.

I have traveled extensively. I have never been to China. It is not even on my bucket list. I do not like fish. I do not know what I would eat if I was there. It is hard for Americans to embrace that the Chinese do not have the freedoms that we have. This episode is being done during the Olympics. There was a fifteen-year-old American that gave up her American citizenship and stayed in China. She ended up doing terribly. I’m not passing judging. I’m just stating facts.

I’m petrified for this young girl. This is not America where you come home, go on with your life, and maybe write a book. You can become a motivational speaker. It ends out all good. You failed on a world stage for China. That is not going to be pretty, whatever that means. Even as I say that, I do not know if I really understand that.


For someone like me, if I was not born in this country, given where my background, I had a loving family, all that good stuff but we were not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. I’m the first generation that went to college. In any other country in the world, including England, I would be in somebody’s basement folding laundry. Maybe some people would have been happy about that, but that would not have made me happy.

You are a paperboy. Maybe you would have been shining somebody’s shoes. I do not know, but the opportunities that this country allows are unprecedented throughout history. I will wave that flag and take it to my grave. Prove me otherwise. Not one party over the other, just American. My point to you is, even though I’m asking this question with an American mindset, is it possible that within China, there will be an underground uprising like the French Revolution? Is it possible that it is not as stark as you are presenting it?

It is as stark as I’m presenting it. There was a famous female tennis star that outed a CCP top party member on sexual harassment, even rape charges and that stuff. She was nowhere to be found for the longest time.

Is she alive?

I do not know. We see the videos but we do not know if they are from years ago or right after her capture. A communist totalitarian regime is all about power and control. When they find out that somebody has said something negative about the party, they got to snuff it out in a minute. At the same time, they want to show people, “This is what happens to you if you speak out against the party.”

Your concerns over the fifteen-year-old are warranted. You have to understand it is not like the United States. There is no free speech. They got the great Chinese firewall. One of the Olympic athletes came out, a Chinese-American that was born, raised and grew up in the United States. She skied for China which is the CCP. She came out and said, “It is easy. You download a VPN and do whatever you want on the internet in China.” They went ballistic and got ahold of any video they possibly could. They made sure it was not published in China. You have to understand a totalitarian regime, non-democratic, Chinese communist regime and authoritarian is based 100% on power and control.

I’m going to go back to the people. Play along with me. The American Revolution before it happened and as it was happening, people would have sworn that it was impossible. We won against an empire that ruled the world. We were a rag-tag team. People do not realize the miracle of this country. When you read it, there were so many steps along the way where we could have lost. We had great leaders like George Washington that was not perfect as a man by any stretch of the imagination, but here we are now. What I’m asking you is can the human spirit in China at some level rise up?

Yes. You are not going to get it all. You are not going to have everything you want, Patty. There are 1.4 billion Chinese people. There are about 350 CCP members that are at the top. The CCP is nothing more than a corrupt mafia organization with several families at the core and other families outside of that circle in tier 2, more families in tier 3 and so on. There could be an uprising with Chinese people but here’s the point, the Chinese Communist Party has been taking care of them pretty well. If you ask the average Chinese person, “Is your life better in the last ten years?” They will say, “Yes.”

Is it or are they conditioned to say it is?

Most of the Chinese people that are in the circles that matter to the CCP, their lives have improved and do have a much better quality of life. The point is they are going to have a much better quality of life as soon as they remove the United States from the power position. The other thing to remember is over 60% of the Chinese people that is 1.4 billion are under the poverty line.

That is my point. That 60%, can the human spirit arise and overthrow or whatever the right word would be like the early American States?

They can. However, they are under complete control. Their internet, apps, all communications are controlled. They have a social network system. They got almost one billion cameras throughout China that are using facial recognition to see where you are, who you are, what you are doing, aligned with GPS and artificial intelligence.

There are so many people. How is that all monitored?

Other people will look away, and they’ll say it’s somebody else’s problem. The problem is so big it isn’t somebody else’s problem.

It’s through massive computers and artificial intelligence that they stole from Silicon Valley. Those energy windmills I talked about are 100% Silicon Valley, United States. Seventy percent of those windmills are sourced in China. Solar panels for energy are created in Silicon Valley. Now 100% of solar panels are manufactured in China. Those industries are being completely removed.

I will give you full disclosure. I am not a worshiper of any human at all by any stretch of the imagination but I bring Elon Musk up all the time because of his whole growth mindset. He is a genius. I’m not saying he is perfect. I am not beyond believing. If he wants to have a colony on Jupiter, we l have that in his lifetime if he is not stunted. You are starting to make a smile. What are your thoughts on Elon Musk, how he is doing business in China and solar panels? Help me out here.

Every company doing business in China is being used.

There are so many of them.

That is what is wrong with our society. We only think in terms of quarters. If you are a CEO of a Fortune 1,000 company or Elon Musk, you are only thinking about business this year in quarters because of our stock markets, earnings and so on. Elon Musk wants to put a plant in China to manufacture Tesla Musk cars. They will do that for 2 or 3 years until they suck up every bit of intellectual property and then they are going to say, “Get the hell out.”

I thought he gave it to them.

That’s what happened. They squeezed him. He said, “Screw it. I’m going to leave China.” Electric cars are the future of all cars and China is going to dominate that industry. They had him put a plant in there with a lab. Once they have all the intellectual property and all the processes to manufacture everything they need from a Tesla perspective, they have Tesla’s way to do business, manufacturing, processes, people, management, pricing and everything that they need. They kept squeezing him. He says, “Screw it. It is not worth your regulations and all that.” They spanked Elon Musk and sent him out. He took, left his toys there and went back to the United States.

What about his solar panel company?

I do not have the detail on where his solar panels are manufactured. I would guess that they are manufactured in China but I’m talking about the traditional solar panels that you use on roofs. He has got roofing tiles that are solar panels. I do not know where those are manufactured but the rank and file solar panels are all manufactured in China.

We are so vulnerable to China. The whole antibiotics things and medications are made there. To your point, we do all the R&D. We spend all the money and they steal it. Because we are a free country, we can’t tell companies, nor do I want to, where they can do business. What is the wake-up call?

I would argue with you on that point, even though I adore you, Patty. When you are at war, we can dictate where you are going to manufacture your stuff.

Why don’t we do it?

It is what this episode is all about, to wake up your audience and have this episode go viral like many of them do. I underscore peaceful but it is going to take a grassroots effort for everybody to align and say, “We are not going to buy anything from China anymore because they marked that they are our enemy.” It’s the same thing with Russia. They are our enemy. They want to defeat, dismantle, take over the United States and our children. As a consumer, I’m not going to buy stuff from China anymore. I’m going to demand Jeff Bezos with Amazon, “You have to list every product on your website and every other website where it is manufactured from, and consciously make a decision to buy from China.”

When we buy things from China from your favorite retailer, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, all you are doing is accelerating the knife across the throat of your children. You are making your enemy more powerful. He is using all these methods against you. There are methods but they are unwinding everything they possibly can. You have to understand. Our economy is based on intellectual property.

TTD 15 Casey Fleming | Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare: When we buy things from China, all we’re doing is accelerating the knife across the throat of your children. You’re making your enemy more powerful.


We are the innovators and the best entrepreneurs in the world.

We can win by out-innovating China but the thing is, we got to protect that IP, stop doing business with China and stop building their economy, which builds their military against us. They build their economy and sucks the life out of our economy and the future of our children. It is going to take a grassroots effort. I advise your audience, do not buy China anymore. Demand that Amazon and every company say where that product is manufactured so we have a conscious choice to buy made in the USA or at least in one of our allied nations.

Lithuania and Australia are the canaries in the coal mine that China is pressuring the hell out of. I have been buying Australian wine and Shiraz wine. That is all I will drink to help my brothers down there in Australia. You have to understand it is a World War and it is happening underneath our eyes, feet and families every day while we stay busy with the Super Bowl and think that we are doing good things. It is the world that we have always known and grew up in and it is always going to be that way. I got news for you. It is not that way now. Hopefully, I have enlightened your audience.

As we speak, we have Russia poised on the Ukrainian border. If we were betting, we are betting that he is going to invade. He could be posturing, who knows. Most people think of war as we see that with Russia and the troops, uniforms and guns. That is old-school war. How do you get people to realize the invisible war of cyber security? That is the nut that you have to crack because if people can’t see it, it is like carbon monoxide. It kills and is lethal but you do not see, smell, taste or touch it. How can you help people understand that? 

Cyber is one of over 100 different methods of unrestricted hybrid warfare. Cyber is a two-way threat. You steal IP through cyber. It is used to weaken the economy and power your economy, which also weakens the military, empowering your military with military secrets and all that. It is done to steal intellectual property and also to hobble or constrain your enemy, whether it is going into their grid, weaponized disinformation on social media or crippling banking systems or hospitals. All that stuff is right there. All this is done in different stages. Stage one is cyber warfare. Stage two is more pressure. Stage three is more pressure, and the last stage is conventional warfare.

I got to put one more thing in. The number one killer of Americans is fentanyl. The number one manufacturing city in the world for fentanyl is Wuhan, China. They press these pills that look identical to Valium, Xanax, Percocet, you name it. They ship those pills over to the West Coast of Mexico to the main port there called Michoacán. There are seven drug cartels that have an absolute efficient distribution network through North America and over to Europe as well. The Mexican drug cartels also help launder money for the Chinese Communist Party. That is called drug warfare and there are numerous different examples of drug warfare as well. People say, “Show me the evidence.” Everything I’m telling you, google it.

You said that most of our drugs are made in China. I’m in Stanford, Connecticut. The company that was taken to task for the opioid was Purdue Pharma. They have the contracts. Is it made in China? 

I can’t speak to a specific company.

Not the specific company but the pharmaceutical companies here have the opioid made there.

China says, “Let’s weaken their society.” I will tell you in my personal Casey network, I know of 5 young adults aged 21 to 25 that are dead because they took one pill, Xanax, Percocet or Valium. They thought they were going to get a quick high before they went to a date, show or party and they were dead. It is happening to high school kids, football players, cheerleaders, geeks, nerds, stoners and everybody else.

How strong is your family going to be after they lost somebody to an overdose? How strong is your family going to be over the next 5 or 10 years when they suffer that type of crisis in your family? That is the weakening I’m talking about. That is nefarious. There is a word for it and the word is diabolical. When you buy that Chinese product when you think about China, think about the word diabolical. You will be zeroed in.

I do not want to say that. I love traveling the world and sampling everybody’s cultures. I’m the most respectful American on the road. I have been traveling to different countries and continents for decades. I love the world. You have to call a spade a spade. When it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, looks like a duck, tastes like a duck, it is a duck. That is what I’m talking about here.

I spent a lot of time on the Chinese Communist Party. They say, “Casey, why do you talk so much about the Chinese Communist Party, not Russia, Iran or North Korea?” The reason I say that is because Russia has the economy of the state of Texas. They are having their own set of problems. Putin is an ex-spy with the KGB. He is doing a lot of positioning. We created China, that monster. You have heard the 800-pound gorilla. After a decade of doing this, I say China is a 3,200-pound gorilla. The Chinese people have a saying, “Be careful raising a baby tiger. One day, it will grow up and eat you.” That is my story, Dr. Patty.

When we’re talking about freedom, the left and the right can agree that we all want the same thing. We want a better life for our children.

Here are two more questions. What is the one most important thing you have learned in your life that you want to share with everybody?

All the other sheep that are out there working, they think they are working hard and so on, but to be the best takes another 10% or 20%, not much more. Have a code that you live your life by and honor that code to yourself. That code is much stronger and better than anybody else’s code, whether it is your family, friends, employer and all that. Live to your code, which should be a couple of levels higher than anybody else’s expectations of you.

That’s character and integrity above all else, and expect more from yourself than anybody else. Here is my last question. I’m going in 1 of 2 ways. I have to decide on the fly. If you could speak to any spies throughout history, who would you want to talk to and why?

I would say, Putin. History has a bearing on the current life and the current world. History does have a place but the current world is moving faster than anybody can ever imagine. It is moving at the speed of technology and the stealth of hybrid warfare. It is a very different world we are living in. We never had technology in the past that we had to deal with.

Technology is brilliant and incredible. It is at the speed of light but it’s also scary. Every piece of technology has a double-edged sword. There’s a good, productive and fun side but there is also an evil and dark side to that technology. I would like to talk to Putin and see what is going on in his head or even Chairman Xi. He is not a president. Presidents are elected democratic officials. I correct people when they say, “President Xi.” I would like to talk to Xi and see what is going on in his head. In the end, I would like to stand up and tell him, “I’m coming for you.”

I got to ask this. What is it with his sister? Doesn’t he have a sister that is always there with him?

You are talking about the Dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. He has his sister always around saying, “Look at me.”

What is that about?

It could be succession planning or something like that.

A woman?

She is in a very powerful position in North Korea.

We know your BlackOps Partners. Where can people learn more about you?

My website is We have spy partners, intelligence partners, client partners, employee-partners and so on. That is why it is partners. BlackOps is because your enemy is doing bad things to you. You need to know about them and be prepared. It is unconventional what is going on. That is why BlackOps.

The other thing is I can’t emphasize enough, go to LinkedIn and dial in the BlackOps Partners company page and follow that. Have your family, friends and colleagues follow that as well because it is the truth. Nobody is going to sell you anything. I guarantee you. We are the only guys that I know of that connect the dots and show this to you.

TTD 15 Casey Fleming | Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare: The economy is based on intellectual property. We can win by out-innovating China.


You need to be educated and come up to speed on this. When you look at those articles, you are going to go, “I get it now. I did not get it. I did not know how deep and serious this was.” When you look at those articles, you are going to be a deputy. I’m deputizing you when you follow that company page on LinkedIn. It is not a sales thing. We are not doing it to sell you and nobody is going to contact you.

We can’t change people’s minds in the business world. We focus on protecting our economy. A PowerPoint or webcast is not going to change behavior. What we do is take your company, people, products, market and supply chain. We put your butt in a seat for two days and make you fight for your company.

We use scenarios or injects. We put this whole conversation what I told you about methods in the scenarios by your adversaries. That is the world you are fighting in. Nobody planned on the pandemic. Our clients did. Nobody planned on supply chain, wave 1, wave 2 or wave 3. Our clients did. We model all that stuff in that environment. That is how we can teach the board of directors and C-level executives how to prepare and to keep their companies in survival mode and hopefully, thrive mode as well. It is a very different world in business and the pandemic showed people that. That is what we do and where you can go for more information.

That concludes this episode of our show. Make sure you like, subscribe, comment and share this show. If you were not blown away and you need to take a breath, I do not know what I have for you going down the road. Until next time. Bye.

Thanks for having me, Patty.


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