The #1 Secret for How Conflict Can Grow Your Business and Your Relationships

Most businesses and all relationships experience conflict and fights. Whether these fights destroy your business or your relationship is found in one little secret. Differences of opinion in all areas of your business, from leadership style to business growth plans (meaning – how to achieve your company goal), lie at the heart of many fights. The secret to whether these differences destroy your company, or slow its growth, is found in how you handle differences when they arise. This is as true for your success in business as it is for success in relationships. In a healthy marriage, a couple views their relationship as a partnership – they are on the same team. In the pursuit of victory, what is good for one team member is good for the entire team. When conflict transforms your relationship from being on the same team and turns it into a competition, the relationship becomes adversarial and perhaps even toxic. You know you are in a toxic relationship if either partner has to win an argument at all cost, taking priority over the integrity and intimacy of the marriage. Conflict within a competitive relationship creates a winner and a loser. In business, if conflict turns the relationship among team members into a competition for members on the same team, the company loses.

Conflict is an opportunity to grow your business by formulating creative ideas in search of a resolution to a problem; and in your relationship, it is an opportunity to develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with your spouse based on the ability to understand and respect differences. Conflict handled in a productive, respectful, positive manner provides an opportunity for growth which eventually strengthens the bond in business and relationships.

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Dr. Patty Ann

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