Stop Fighting About Money NOW–
Dr. Patty Ann’s
Relationship Toolbox™
Will Show You How

Susan and Alex called me as a last ditch effort. They had reached a point where they couldn’t stand fighting about money.  Alex accused Susan of “spending their money like it was going out of style” and Susan accused Alex of being “beyond cheap”.

Their fights about money created so much bitterness between Susan and Alex that they stopped having sex. This relationship seemed destined for a break-up.  Once Susan and Alex were exposed to my conflict resolution skills and tools, they both realized that they were using money and sex as a way of expressing the hurt and pain they felt about feeling emotionally estranged and disconnected from each other.

They realized the devastation of turning away from each other during the very moments when they should have been turning towards each other. With this realization and utilization of the tools and techniques they learned from our work together, Susan and Alex were able to talk about their money fights and come up with a reasonable compromise that they were both happy with. The sex and intimacy in their relationships was reignited once the fighting and tension about their money issues were resolved. My Relationship Toolbox™ can help you end your money fights, too.

Do You Really Expect Me To Believe
Dr. Patty Ann’s
Relationship Toolbox™
Will Solve Our Money Problems?

I cannot promise you that my Relationship Toolbox™ will solve your money problems but I can promise that it will help you handle money fights in a more positive way. And, when you are working together towards common financial goals you can increase your wealth.

Throughout my 25 years of experience some things present themselves over and over again in relationships and fighting about money is one of them. To determine if you need help with your “money fights” take my Money Fights Quiz. You can download it here.

Or, order the Relationship Toolbox™ now if you know you need help with your “money fights”.