Love & Intimacy

Relationships Need Love &
Intimacy To Thrive & Survive

Leslie and Mark began working directly with me in an intensive relationship program because they were feeling totally disconnected from each other. They felt like they were good roommates but there was no passion or romance in their relationship.  There was little, if any sex, and absolutely no intimacy between them.  As they told me: “Dr. Patty Ann, we have totally lost that “loving feeling”.

As I worked with Leslie and Mark they began to realize that they were both confusing sex for intimacy.  As they were able to understand how sex and intimacy compliment each other, yet are not the same, both sex and intimacy came roaring back into their relationship.  They learned how little gestures and acts of kindness can mean a lot. Most importantly they finally understood and recognized that foreplay begins way before the sexual act is even a thought.

Can you relate to how Leslie and Mark lost that loving feeling?

If you are trying to re-capture tender moments of intimacy and re-create the true sexual connection you remember so wonderfully it’s time to explore the Relationship Toolbox™.

You truly do owe it to yourself to create a satisfying relationship on all levels and the  Relationship Toolbox™ can help.


Dr. Patty Ann, I Want to Get That Loving Feeling
Back in My Relationship
But I Don’t Know Where to Start

So many people feel frustrated when it comes to getting that loving feeling back in their relationship. Like you, they long for it but don’t know where to get started. The best way to determine your starting point for you is to take my Love & Intimacy Quiz. You can download it here.

Or if you’re ready to commit to getting that loving feeling back now, you can order the Relationship Toolbox™ today.

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