The Art of Listening AND Communicating May Be the Key To Putting Spark Back in Your Romance

By the time I was introduced to Kim and Tom they were sleeping in separate bedrooms.  Their relationship was suffering from a total communication breakdown.  They were referred to me by close friends of theirs whom I had helped in the past. As I began working with Kim and Tom it became apparent that they were not communicating effectively with each other.  As a matter of fact, as Kim would speak I would notice Tom was checking his Blackberry for messages.  Utilizing the techniques and information they gained from the Relationship Toolbox™, Kim and Tom were able to effectively engage in a conversation and hear what the other partner had to say.

They realized they were missing half of what their partner was trying to tell them because they were distracted by all their multi-tasking activities during conversations – which with my help they both realized they did.  Kim and Tom also began to understand how “what was NOT being said” was tearing their relationship apart.

During our work together they were able to use appropriate “feeling” words to get their message across sensitively and effectively, without pushing each other’s “hot buttons”. After using my coaching services, Kim and Tom re-entered their bedroom. They are now fully engaged in an intimate, romantic relationship built around effective communication and active listening skills.

They discovered the art of listening and other vital communication skills in the Relationship Toolbox™.

If you are suffering from a similar communication breakdown in your relationship, I can help you, too. It might not look exactly like Kim and Tom’s struggle, but if you are feeling exasperated and/or frustrated when you try to communicate with your partner, now is the time to get the tools to get your relationship back on track. My Relationship Toolbox™ can help.

Dr. Patty Ann’s Relationship Toolbox™ Sounds Great
But What If My Partner Doesn’t Want to Talk About It?

This is a common concern among couples who are experiencing communication breakdown. Often, one partner is seeking help and the other isn’t as willing. The good news is that the Relationship Toolbox™ will help you even if your partner isn’t ready to take that step. Your efforts can make all the difference in how your partner reacts to you.

Communication is the cornerstone for a healthy, happy, intimate relationship.  In order to effectively communicate on any level we must know the value of listening.

It’s easy for couples to stop listening to each other especially if you feel you are not being heard. Even if you think you communicate well and you believe you are listening, your partner may not feel “heard” or listened to.

A great way to gauge where you are right now is to take my Communication Quiz. You can download it here.

Or, if you know it’s time to start listening to each other order the Relationship Toolbox™ now.

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