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FB & WhatsApp Prove How Building Relationships Drives the Bottom Line

Before the collapse of Wall Street you would have rarely read an article in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Business Section, SUCCESS Magazine or any other serious business publications discuss the importance of “soft skills” and relationship building. The past few years have seen the topic of “soft skills” and relationship building […]

What the US Government Must Learn from Business

Are you not thoroughly amazed at the ineptitude and inefficiencies that seem to be taking hold within our government on both sides of the aisle? Regardless of your political views – what we have seen taking place in the government these past few years leaves most of us just scratching our heads thinking: “What the […]

How Conflict can help your Bottom Line and Improve the Qualities of Your Interpersonal Relationships

Most businesses and all relationships experience tension,  conflict and fighting. Whether these fights destroy your business or your relationship is found in one little secret. Differences of opinion in all areas of your business, from leadership style to strategic business plans, lie at the heart of many business fights. The secret to whether these differences […]

The #1 Relationship Skill You MUST have to Create Success in Business & Life

We all know really smart business women (and men) who, regardless of how brilliant they appear to be, are not successful. These smart people just cannot seem to get out of their own way!  So clearly, if all it takes is a high I.Q. to be successful in business, something else is going on here.  […]