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3 Relationship Tips to Keep your Relationship Sane in the Midst of your Family’s Holiday Insanity

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly, falalalalalalalala.” The holidays are once again upon us. Families travel by trains, planes and automobiles to spend the holidays. Are you entering the holiday season with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head or does the reality of your family’s holiday season look more like a train wreck? […]

The Foundation You Must Have for Happiness in Your Relationship and Your Life

If you were to ask me the purpose of life I would tell you equivocally, it is all about relationships. Our lives are meant to be lived within the context of how we relate to others; with our intimate relationships being the ones that potentially bring us the most love and joy. I used the […]

What Your Mother Never Told You About Living Happily Ever After

There are few things as wonderful as young love! We all remember those butterflies in our stomach when we first met the man (or woman) of our dreams. What happens to those butterflies as time marches on and our young love becomes a little more mature? Where do those butterflies fly off to? For some, […]