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How Conflict can help your Bottom Line and Improve the Qualities of Your Interpersonal Relationships

Most businesses and all relationships experience tension,  conflict and fighting. Whether these fights destroy your business or your relationship is found in one little secret. Differences of opinion in all areas of your business, from leadership style to strategic business plans, lie at the heart of many business fights. The secret to whether these differences […]

Is your Marriage a Partnership or a Competition Getting in the Way of your Entrepreneurial Success?

Many entrepreneurs start their own business because they want to create a life which is fulfilling and satisfying – from both a financial and lifestyle perspective. Entrepreneurs (especially entrepreneurial women) are leading the way in the new world paradigm where work supports and enhances our lives and relationships; women are starting their own businesses in […]

5 Key Questions Entrepreneurial Women Must Ask to get what You Want from your Business and your Intimate Relationship

Stephen Covey, award winning author of the book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” speaks about his belief that all success in life begins with relationships. Entrepreneurial women know life’s true meaning and purpose can, in fact, only be found in relationships. We are all on a lifetime journey where success is ultimately defined […]

The #1 KEY you must have in your Relationship if you yearn to get your spouse’s support for your Business

Sometimes it feels as if getting our partner’s support for our entrepreneurial efforts is more challenging than it is to actually run our business. If you feel your partner is less than thrilled about your business or worse yet, he sabotages your success (even if he is not aware of it); both your relationship and […]