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“How to Have an Organized Home Even With a Disorganized Spouse (or Partner, Significant Other, Roommate, Whatever)”

Hi there,

Does this sound like a day in your life?

You walk into your bedroom after a long, tiring day…only to find a mess of clothes, paperwork, and clutter all over the room.

But the thing is – it isn’t YOUR “stuff.” It’s your spouse’s!

So you sigh angrily and think to yourself: I just straightened up this morning! What happened? How many times do I have to…UGH!

But here’s the catch: Maybe your partner has not even heard what you said about putting things back where they belong – even though you were certain you were clear as day.

“Help! I Want My Home to be Organized & De-Cluttered, But My Partner Just Keeps Getting in the Way.”

Did you know that married men are four times more likely to leave their pajamas on the floor in the morning compared to single men?

Well, it’s a proven scientific fact – not just a figment of your imagination! And although it speaks to those in a marriage, it’s a statistic that naturally reflects in any committed relationship. There’s ALWAYS one side that is messier than the other.

Carmen Coker
Dr. Patty Ann

We are Carmen Coker, internationally-known professional organizer, and Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, acclaimed relationship expert.

Every week, we have conversations with women (and even a few men) who are consistently plagued and bothered by a common problem – desperately trying to get organized and stay organized in the same house with a partner who isn’t organized.

And the disorganization then leads to ugly fights and problems in the relationship. And the vicious cycle begins – yet again…

We constantly hear the exasperations of people who say:

  • I would be organized if my spouse would just help me.

  • My partner seems to thrive on chaos and clutter, and it drives me totally insane! And what’s more – they know it.

  • Even though I would love to change my better half – I know I can’t. But a little cooperation wouldn’t kill them either.

  • I am getting ready to throw this relationship right out the window with all their clutter!

  • Why can’t my partner “get it!” This is not rocket science. All I ask is that they put things back where they belong…is that asking too much? Come on!

So tell us: Can you relate to these feelings of frustration and resentment?

Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired of Getting Little or No Cooperation From Your Spouse? 

(And Feeling as if You Are Living in a House That Looks Like a Tornado Hit It?)

Well, we hear you!

The bottom line: it can be extremely difficult – if not impossible – to keep an organized and de-cluttered home when your partner doesn’t seem to be onboard with the idea of organization.

Whether they don’t care or don’t get it – it really doesn’t matter! Their lack of cooperation is driving you crazy, and you are ready to give up because you feel totally disrespected and unheard.

PROBLEM: Wondering How to Deal with a Partner Whose Disorganized Habits are Creating Havoc in Your Home and Relationship?

We Got It! The Answers to All Your Questions…”


Sure, there have been a few articles out there that talked about general family organization and tips on how to tidy up problem areas in the home.

But you tried all those tips before…and you know they haven’t worked! Your home still looks like a tornado hit it.

You followed all the so-called “expert” advice, and it didn’t help! But why?

Here’s the deal: You didn’t do anything wrong. You were given the wrong advice!

That’s why we teamed up – to create a ground-breaking system that goes beyond the quick fix to SOLVE your relationship issues surrounding clutter – for good.

And you will get so much more because these secrets for getting your partner’s cooperation will also work for other problem areas in your relationship too!

That’s right. If you are dealing with a disorganized partner, then you’ll be relieved to know that there is a simple-to-understand, easy-to-implement solution.

(And let us be really clear on one thing: it’s not about changing the other person. It’s about learning our problem-solving techniques, tools and strategies for working with your partner, as a team, to create an ideal living environment for both your relationship and your stuff.)


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“Give to Yourself All the Tips and Tools You Need to Resolve the Clutter Problems in Your Relationship – Fast and Easy”

We combined our knowledge – over 25 years of organizing and relationship expertise – to bring you this revolutionary product: “How to Have an Organized Home Even with a Disorganized Partner.”

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Never-Before-Revealed Tips, Tools & Techniques for Getting the Organized Home You Want and Deserve – WITH Your Partner’s Cooperation and Without Fighting

  • Learn the one thing you may be doing to your partner that sabotages your chances for an organized house – and how you can avoid it!

  • How understanding your partner’s “side of the story” will help you get what you want from your home and relationship.

  • How understanding your “side of the story” will help your partner to work with you instead of against you.

  • How to effectively communicate your “organizing” needs to your partner…without nagging, complaining and fighting!

How to Work around Your Partner’s Disorganized Tendencies (Without Having to Walk around Their Clutter) in Order to Get What You Want…an Organized Home

  • How to “work around” your partner’s chaos – without feeling angry, unappreciated, or disrespected

  • 5 REAL LIFE examples of “disorganized partners” – learn how their problems were solved – easily and realistically – and how these examples will help YOU, too

  • How to get organized in your home AND keep your relationship strong

Creating YOUR Action Plan to REIGNITE ROMANCE in Your Relationship and Your Home…Immediate Take-Away Strategies to Keep Your Home and Relationship Looking Like You Want, Need and Deserve

  • Practical strategies on how to apply Call #1 and Call #2 to your life and “disorganized spouse” situation – we will put it all together for you!

  • How to create reasonable “organizing” expectations and boundaries both sides can live with.

  • The Top 5 “clutter pain points” (aka problem areas) in most homes and the secret organizing resources to help you alleviate clutter in those spaces.

Get Clear on ALL the Ground-Breaking Information Revealed on These Calls with a Bonus Q & A Clarity Call

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BONUS #1: Complete Audio Recordings of the “ How to Have an Organized Home Even With a Disorganized Partner” Teleseminar Series

BONUS #2: Handouts for the “How to Have an Organized Home Even With a Disorganized Partner” Teleseminar Series

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If you’re serious about knocking down the “clutter barriers” between you and your partner while improving your relationship — and you want to learn how from two pros who will give you the tools — these are the secrets to learn so that you can get results – and make your home into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted it to be.

You’ll never again have a chance like this to learn how to have an organized home even with a disorganized spouse – directly from us – for such low price tag. (Remember: this is a one-time, never-to-be-offered-again price for this product!)

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“So…Are You Ready to Enjoy a New & Improved and “Organized” Relationship With Your Better Half by Learning Dr. Patty Ann’s and Carmen’s Insider Secrets?”

We are thrilled to be able to bring you this groundbreaking product because we thrive on sharing information that can transform a person’s home, relationships, and life. And if you are TRULY ready to have an organized home, even with a disorganized spouse, then this product will ultimately change YOUR life (and your home!) as you know it – for good.

We promise you…you don’t want to miss a word! Don’t settle for a less than a fabulous home, when you want more…and can have it.

We really do hope you don’t let this fantastic offer pass you by!

If you don’t, you just may regret it the next time you walk into your disorganized, cluttered home…so join us!


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