Attention: Entrepreneurs and small business owners in committed relationships, who know their business is causing tension in their relationship – and who want to learn exactly how to stop the stress so their relationship can thrive …

Finally! All in one place – the information you need to get the respect you deserve as an entrepreneur and to turn your romantic relationship back into a source of pleasure, support and nurturing you need as you run your business.

You can have a thriving business and a healthy romantic relationship as long as you have the right tools! Read on to learn what those tools are.

From the desk of Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Dear Woman in Business,

On the surface, it probably seems like you have it all, right?

You run a business you love. You have someone in your life you cherish, with whom you can share your challenges and daily victories. Your friends probably envy you, because from the outside, it looks like you’re living the best of both worlds.

So why aren’t you completely satisfied? Maybe, intellectually, you know you have two great things – a great business that manifests your vision and a wonderful partner with whom to double your joys and half your sorrows. But something is wrong … your business is creating tension in your relationship, and whether you’re constantly arguing about the time and money you invest in the business or you get the cold shoulder whenever you talk about your day, something has GOT to change.

Worst, you know the tension in your relationship is costing you money. Whether it’s because you’re exhausted from stress and lack of sleep so you can’t focus in your business, or you have to cancel client meetings because your partner bailed on picking up your kids and you had to step in at the last minute, you know your business is suffering.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • When you and your partner discuss your business, you usually end up arguing about how much time and money you invest in it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to communicate more effectively about your business so you both felt respected and understood?

  • You are completely passionate about your business, but you feel like you can’t even discuss it with your partner because it causes so much tension. What if you could learn to gauge your partner’s interest level so you could share your excitement at the right times?

  • You feel like your partner is your best friend – except when it comes to your business. Then you sometimes feel as if he’s the enemy. Whenever you bring it up, your partner (and best friend) shuts down. What if you could rebuild the intimacy in your relationship so you could confide in your partner about your business, just like you can about everything else?

  • Your partner accuses you of caring more about your business than you do about your relationship. Wouldn’t it lessen your stress if you could learn verbal and non-verbal communication strategies for letting your partner know how much you value both aspects of your life?

  • The stress from trying to be everything to your business and to your partner is causing you to feel overwhelmed and exhausted and even depressed. What if you could get your hands on techniques for balancing your business and your relationship so you could feel happy and fulfilled again and NOT like you need to choose between your partner and your business?

  • You’re making more money than your partner is, and that’s causing tension between you. What if you could learn how to respect your partner’s feelings so he or she didn’t feel threatened and your relationship would no longer feel like a competition?

What does all of this have in common? It comes down to one thing – Rediscovering Your Dream Relationship. This means redefining the friendship, life balance and respect you so crave, and skyrocketing your relationship to a higher level of meaning and true love.

You’re probably thinking this is common sense. Of course you want to Rediscover Your Dream Relationship, right?

But is it even possible? Because if it was, wouldn’t you already have done it? You’re a passionate, determined, successful person, and if anyone could pull off running a business while participating in a healthy relationship, it’s

Before you give up your relationship as a lost cause, think about all the benefits of Rediscovering Your Dream Relationship:

  • People in happy relationships are more successful, make and save more money, and live healthier, more fulfilled lifestyles. The bottom line: a happy relationship leads to greater overall success and financial security.
  • Research shows that people in healthy, loving relationships experience greater romance, more intimacy, better sex, increased happiness. In short, a great relationship is the foundation for a great romance – and let’s face it, we all want romance.
  • When you’re in a great relationship, your joys are doubled and your sorrows are halved. It feels amazing to share your victories, small and large, and it is so comforting to share your sorrows with someone who truly cares about you.
  • When your relationship thrives, so do you – you feel happy, confident, and supported on every front. Just knowing someone is there, loving you and caring about your success and happiness, improves your overall attitude and mindset.
  • Couples who have healthy relationships communicate more effectively so their needs are fulfilled. If you’ve ever felt like your partner just doesn’t “get” what you want, it may be because you’re not communicating effectively – imagine your needs being fulfilled at every turn!

So now you understand the importance of Rediscovering Your Dream Relationship. But it seems so difficult. As a business owner, you probably work so hard already that you don’t exactly love the idea of working hard at something that is “supposed to be” easy – like romance. Not only are you already tired at the end of the day, but you also aren’t sure your partner is going to want to work on your relationship too as tense as things are right now.

To make it worse, you’re afraid to talk to your partner about what your relationship is lacking – you know it’s been tense but you’re afraid that if you point it out, things could get even more strained. At this point, Rediscovering Your Dream Relationship seems near impossible.

That is why I am so excited to share with you what I have developed – a complete, step-by-step guide for creating the mutual respect, the deep friendship and the sense of balance you so crave in your relationship.

But first …

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Let’s start with the good stuff.

Dr Patty Ann Relationship ExpertI’m Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, a relationship expert, psychologist and licensed psychotherapist. I am the product of my work and am in a 25-years-and-going-strong marriage. I have helped hundreds of people reach their goal of creating a happy, healthy relationship. My only regret is long ago I reached the point where I received so many requests for help that I have to turn away couples who so desperately seek my expertise.

As we all know, people in happy relationships have greater romance, more intimacy, better sex, increased happiness, and are more successful, make more money and lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.

I wasn’t always successful in love.

After a difficult pregnancy and long-term medical battle for my twin boys, my husband and I realized that while we still felt deeply about each other, something felt different. We worked and worked to fix it, but the hard work with lack of success made us feel even worse. Finally, I took all my personal experience and knowledge and created strategies for helping my relationship – and it worked. Today, I share those specific relationship techniques, exercises and workshops with my clients so they can reconnect with their partners and rebuild their relationships. My husband, Mitch, is my biggest advocate in building my business, even while he is pursuing his own, separate entrepreneurial efforts.

So in a nutshell, I have the combined expertise and experience of all my schooling plus my own experience – my relationship is still going strong while my husband and I raise our four children. And I want to use that expertise to help you get what I have – the Dream Relationship.

Relationship ToolboxThat is why I am so excited to share with you my Relationship Toolbox!

You see, it’s not your fault you haven’t been successful at running your business AND nurturing your romantic relationship. Not only is there a huge continuous learning curve when you are running a business, but there also is a continuous learning curve when you’re in a relationship. Unless you are educated in psychology and experienced in business, it’s difficult to balance both aspects of your life.

And, NO ONE has brought an effective product to the table, one that gives you real, working advice for having it all – for running a thriving business and for balancing it with nurturing your romantic relationship – which you so richly deserve. (Until now that is.)

So here’s a taste of what you’ll get in the Relationship Toolbox:

Module 1: Relationship Affirmations

Have you ever woken up, believing that today is going to be a terrible day? And how did that day turn out? It was probably pretty terrible, right?

Your subconscious mind has a tremendous effect on your life. An affirmation is a belief or thought we have that is linked to our subconscious. Positive affirmations will lead to positive results. If you create positive affirmations pertinent to your relationship, you will begin to see positive change – and you’ll be on your way to Rediscovering Your Dream Relationship – and living it!

You’ll also learn:

relationship advice The power of positive relationship affirmations for you and for your relationship.
relationship advice 5 secret ways relationship affirmations work to increase the romance and happiness in your relationship. (I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how much your relationship will transform — you may not even recognize it!)
relationship advice What prevents happiness and love from growing in your relationship and what you can do to keep the happiness and love alive
relationship advice What happens to your partner’s positive qualities when you use relationship affirmations. (Yes, these affirmations WILL work even if you’re the only one using them)
relationship advice How you can practically GUARANTEE you’ll get what you want from your relationship. (And better yet, your honey will be thrilled to give it to you)
relationship advice The "secret" ingredient of any successful relationship (and it doesn’t require you to get your partner to do anything!)
relationship advice The relationships affirmations alphabet – an A to Z guide for increasing romance and happiness in your relationship.


Module 2: Commitment

Commitment isn’t just about being with one person. Rather, commitment is a vital component in increasing romance and happiness in your relationship. I’m going to teach you exactly how to lay the foundation for commitment that builds your relationship.

You’re also going to learn:

relationship advice Where commitment starts – and you may be surprised!
relationship advice 5 Warning Signs that there may be a lack of commitment in your relationship. (Yes, even if you think there’s commitment on both your parts, you may discover there’s not.)
relationship advice What does commitment look like? You might be surprised at what commitment IS and is NOT.
relationship advice Tips and tools for increasing the level of commitment you want in your relationship. (It’s easier than you think)


Module 3: Mindset

Your mindset is the culmination of everything you think, anticipate, and believe. Your mindset dictates your behavior and influences your reality – making it come true. The mindset you have about your relationship is the relationship you will create.

I will teach you the power of your mindset, and how to set and focus your mindset in a way that will allow your relationship to flourish, so you can, too.

You’re also going to learn:

relationship advice The 5 major factors that influence your mindset. (Ignore this and you’ll NEVER be able to change your mindset)
relationship advice Strategies for changing your mindset so you can change your life — specifically, so you can improve your romantic relationship.
relationship advice 15 Exercises for building your dream relationship.


Module 4: Communication

Do you and your partner communicate? Do you talk to one another? Do you actively listen to one another? If you’re talking more than you’re listening, you’re probably not communicating effectively.

Effective communication is absolutely key for both partners having their needs met. It is a learned skill, and it can greatly improve the quality of any relationship. You will learn exactly how to engage in effective communication so that you both clearly express your needs – and have them met.

You’ll also learn:

relationship advice What “effective communication” really means. (And no, it’s NOT about saying to your honey "why won’t you talk to me?’) And what it DOESN’T mean
relationship advice One vital component of communication (it isn’t talking!).
relationship advice 5 secrets of active listening. (Why do you want to be an active listener? Because active listeners tend to have stronger, more satisfying relationships.)
relationship advice 3 situations you want to avoid when communicating.
relationship advice 3 areas in which to use caution when you are communicating.
relationship advice 48 “feeling words” that you MUST use with care when communicating with your partner.


Module 5: Non-Verbal Communication

When you’re in conflict with your partner, pay attention to his or her body language. Is he saying he’s not upset, but he’s sitting on the couch with his arms crossed, refusing to look at you? Actions really do speak louder than words – and if you can read your partner’s non-verbal cues, you can learn to hear what he isn’t saying.

Sometimes, what we do NOT say sends a stronger message than what we DO say. By learning to understand non-verbal cues, we can increase the effectiveness of our communication – and our chances for a successful relationship.

You’ll also learn:

relationship advice The most important type of non-verbal communication (ignore this and you’re never going to get anywhere with your partner)
relationship advice 5 elements of Body Language and what they mean
relationship advice Tips to consider when you want to send your partner a serious or sincere message.
relationship advice 8 tips for how to position your body when communicating with your partner.
relationship advice 3 guidelines for using gestures when communicating.
relationship advice 5 ideas for showing your love (actions speak louder than words).


Module 6: Sex and Intimacy

Have you ever noticed that when you and your partner have more sex, everything seems easier, smoother, and just plain better? Sex is about more than just, well, having sex. Sex is a way to give pleasure to and receive pleasure from your partner. It’s also a way to have fun and connect with your partner.

Most importantly, sex and intimacy create and maintain physical and emotional intimacy, create a unique bond between you, and develop a secure and unified relationship. Partners who regularly share sex and intimacy argue less when disagreements arise and are more likely to discuss and resolve such disagreements.

You’ll also learn:

relationship advice The Number One Thing you need to feel sexual stimulation.
relationship advice 4 reasons why sex with intimacy is important in a happy relationship.
relationship advice 7 FACTS about why sex is good for you.
relationship advice The definition of TRUE intimacy.
relationship advice 3 secrets intimacy requires.
relationship advice 6 tips for having great sex.
relationship advice 3 tips for treating sex like a priority.
relationship advice The effects anxiety and vacation have on your sex life.
relationship advice What doesn’t work when it comes to having great sex.
relationship advice A sex and intimacy exercise that will reveal your greatest sex strengths and challenges as a couple.


Module 7: Conflict Resolution

Conflict enters every relationship at some point, and when it does, couples must have tools to deal with it effectively. That doesn’t mean they have to come to an agreement on every issue – rather, it means they must learn to respect each other’s differences and forgive each other’s mistakes.

Conflict will not make or break your relationship – but how you handle the conflict will. Your conflict resolution skills will determine the health and well-being of your relationship.

You’ll also learn:

relationship advice The 5 main issues couples fight about. (You may be surprised at what all of them are.)
relationship advice 5 easy tips to help you resolve conflicts effortlessly (even when you’re in the middle of a fight).
relationship advice One key idea you must ALWAYS keep in mind when you’re in the middle of a disagreement or you risk having it spiral out of control
relationship advice The role of forgiveness in relationships. (It’s not what you think).
relationship advice 3 secrets for resolving fights easily and effortlessly
relationship advice Why it is important to address conflict in your relationship EARLY
relationship advice The RIGHT way you should view conflict in your relationship.
relationship advice 4 exercises for resolving conflict effectively.


Now you may be wondering:

How is this all going to work? How am I going to get my hands on all this amazing, life-changing information?

Here’s how I’m going to deliver it to you:

First, I’m going to send you a copy of this beautiful ground-breaking product, which includes:

relationship advice The 7 modules listed above
relationship advice Audio CDs to go along with each of the 7 modules.
relationship advice Written transcripts of each of the modules
relationship advice Worksheets so you can complete each of the exercises and are able to personalize this great information to your unique situation.

PLUS, I’m going to give you these AMAZING bonuses:

Bonus 1: “Do You Remember” Exercise

This exercise will help you remember what made you fall in love with your partner. Think about it. Of all the millions of people you meet in the course of living your life, you chose each other. Do you remember why? The exercises on this bonus will help remind you – and it will make you laugh and feel nostalgic for way back when you were giddy about each other. It will be amazing for both you and your relationship when you remember these feelings.

Bonus 2: “So You Think You Know Your Partner” Exercise

This exercise consists of a list of questions designed to reveal how well you really know your partner. The questions are intended to initiate a dialogue that allows you to get to know your partner a little bit better. You’ll enjoy hearing the answers to these 56 questions!

This sounds fantastic, Dr. Patty Ann!
How much is it all going to cost me?

That is a great question. But first, I have some of my own.

How much is it worth to you to ease the tension and stop the fighting in your relationship? How important is it to you to give your relationship the jumpstart it needs.

How much is it worth to you to strike a balance between these two crucial elements of your life – your business and your relationship – so you don’t feel like they’re constantly warring and vying for your attention?

How much is it worth to you to have your best friend back – even as you continue to run the business you love?

$750? $1,000? $1,500? More?

The Relationship Toolbox is as close as you can get to live, in-person relationship coaching and that is why I feel comfortable asking you for a one-time investment of $397 $317.60.

Isn’t your relationship worth at least that?

But if that’s not enough to convince you, consider this:

  • If your relationship keeps going downhill, how much money do you think you’d end up spending on marriage counseling or therapy? (A lot more than $317.60 I can guarantee you that!)
  • If you end up getting a divorce, how much do you think THAT’S going to cost you?
  • What about the cost of not doing anything? The sleepless nights after a fight? The stress? Being surrounded by all that negative energy? Even the costs of over-the-counter or prescription medication to help you "cope." (You might be surprised at how quickly those add up after awhile.)
  • And we haven’t even touched on the effect this has had on your business. How many opportunities have you lost because you weren’t able to focus or didn’t have any energy? How much business have you lost because you didn’t handle a client meeting right or missed a deadline? (Probably a lot more than $317.60.)

When you look at the big picture, $397 $317.60 is a tiny investment with the potential to see a REALLY big return.

Imagine how the quality of your life will improve as you learn to balance these two very important aspects of your life. Imagine feeling like your relationship is a partnership that supports your business, and your partner understands and respects your love for your work and your company.

What is THAT worth to you?


PLUS, you’re protected by my "Fall In Love" Guarantee.

I stand behind my products. I KNOW this product has the potential to transform your relationship, as long as you read it carefully, listen to the CDs, and take the exercises seriously. You’ll have 60 days to fall in love with your relationship and your business all over again, or you can return it for your money back.

Ready to get started, or do you still have a few questions?

Q: I’m not sure I can afford to pay for the Relationship Toolbox. Can’t I just look up some relationship tips online to save money?

A: Can your relationship afford for you NOT to invest in this Toolbox? I challenge you to find a “relationship expert” with my expertise and personal experience. Remember, this amazing product is the culmination of my extensive research, schooling, and experience, and you’re going to get it all in one place so you can begin repairing your relationship immediately with techniques that are proven to work.

Q: My relationship is pretty decent, and my business is pretty much the only source of tension. Is it worth it for me to buy this program?

A: Absolutely. I will help you make your “decent” relationship GREAT. Tension left unchecked (even surrounding one issue) will grow and begin to permeate other important areas of your relationship INCLUDING your business. If you sense tension now, then NOW is the time to learn to effectively communicate about it BEFORE it starts to tear your relationship apart. (And trust me, tension unchecked WILL eventually do just that.)

Q: I feel like my partner and I will never agree about the amount of time and money I invest in my business. What’s the point of me buying the Relationship Toolbox?

A: The Relationship Toolbox will provide you with tips and strategies for resolving conflict – especially for those conflicts dealing with money. And that resolution doesn’t mean you have to agree. If you know you’re not going to agree about your business investments, then you need to learn to communicate effectively and agree to disagree – honor the individuality you both bring to the relationship while respecting each other’s opinions.

Q: My partner and I have been together for a long time now. I think the intimacy we felt when we first got together was just “young love.” Can the Relationship Toolbox help us get it back?

A: Yes! Intimacy never has to be a thing of the past in relationships. My proven techniques have helped couples on the verge of a relationship break-up repair their relationships and reach levels of happiness, love and trust they thought were lost to them (not to mention greater romance and an improved sex life).

Q: My partner thinks all of this is silly. He thinks there’s no way someone else can help us with our relationship. Will your product still work for me even if I’m the only one using it?

A: Yes. Even if you’re the only one using it, you still can transform your relationship. The tools and exercises will still help regardless if your partner is on board with this or not. Trust me — I can help your relationship even if it’s just you doing the work. And you have my guarantee — if it doesn’t work with only you, then return the product for a full refund, no questions asked.

Ready to get started?

Relationship ToolboxYes, Dr. Patty Ann! I want to Rediscover My Dream Relationship and start feeling the levels of happiness, intimacy and love I crave!

For my investment of $397 $317.60, I understand I’m going to get:

  • The 7 modules listed above (Relationship Affirmations, Commitment, Mindset, Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Sex and Intimacy, and Conflict Resolution)
  • Written transcripts of each module
  • Audio CDs to go along with each of the 7 modules.
  • Worksheets so you can complete each of the exercises, so you’re able to personalize this great information to your unique situation.

PLUS, the 2 great bonuses:

  • “Do You Remember” Exercise
  • “So You Think You Know Your Partner” Exercise

And I’m completely covered by your "Fall in Love" 60-day guarantee!

Your payment is processed on secure servers.

So are you ready to get started? Your Dream Relationship is just a few days away!

To your success in romance,

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