Laugh it up like the Irish for a Great Relationship (and you will be Lucky in Love)

Nobody loves to laugh like the Irish!  Maybe this ability to laugh is what brings the Irish all their luck.  When it comes to our committed relationships, the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other is necessary to keep relationship challenges in perspective so we can keep the flames of passion burning bright.

If laughter is what makes the Irish lucky – let’s take a page out of their book and inject laughter into our relationships! It is this ability to laugh – at ourselves, and our lives that will bring the luck of the Irish into our relationship.

Below are 3 great benefits of laughter – based on scientific research – and they are guaranteed to have you and your partner laughing your way into years of love and  happiness!

  1. Laughter releases endorphins from your brain.  These endorphins make you feel energetic and breathe new and invigorating energy into your life while simultaneously reducing stress. Endorphins are also nicknamed the “attachment” hormone – as they are released from your brain they increase your ability to feel attached to your partner (no joke folks – this is for real)!
  1. Laughter provides a sense of physical and emotional release. If we can laugh at life’s difficulties – including conflict in our relationships – which all relationships experience, (even healthy ones), we reduce our stress level and experience an emotional release from the conflict.  In other words, laughter in the face of stress provides a much needed release of tension.  Laughter doesn’t solve the conflict, but it makes dealing with it a hell of a lot of easier.Laughter – and humor – tend to put things in a positive perspective.  So if you and your partner can laugh about a difficult situation – you are much more likely to work together to solve it – instead of fighting about it.
  1. Laughter prevents you from focusing on guilt and other negative emotions in a much more beneficial way than other distractions can.  Many times we need to take a step back from a situation which is creating negativity in our relationships and distract ourselves from it – laughter is the greatest distraction of all!

Do what the Irish do in your relationship! Laugh! It is why they are such a happy people! Laugh and laugh it up with your partner.  Approach your difficulties with a sense of humor and keep it in perspective. Laughter is free and it is contagious – it spreads like wild-fire!

So laugh it up and you will bring the luck of the Irish into your relationship. Let’s get this party started for years of smiles, love and laughter throughout your lives!

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann

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