It’s time to enjoy the Holidays with the one you Love

All the madness and hustle and bustle of holiday shopping is finally behind you. It is now time to reap the fruits of your labor.

You have put so much time and effort into making sure everyone receives just the right gift or maybe you spent all your energies baking everyone’s favorite dessert or meal. Whatever activities you immersed yourself in to make these holidays special for the people you love, it is now time for you to kick back, relax and take pleasure in all your hard work and truly enjoy these holiday festivities.

Let me remind of a few tips we discussed in earlier issues of this ezine.

  1. Try to ignore the inappropriate remarks that may be directed towards you and/or your partner tonight or tomorrow. Keep your sense of humor and laugh it all away.
  2. Moderation is the key – enjoy your favorite holiday treats and egg nog drinks – just don’t go overboard. The more you eat and drink, the less you will enjoy!
  3. Avoid known holiday troublemakers and if the conversation takes a turn for the worse – remove yourself and your partner from any uncomfortable situation you see developing.
  4. Step under the mistletoe and kiss your partner. That’s what it’s there for, so have some fun with it.
  5. Toast to your relationship. Let your loved one know how much you appreciate their love and support in your life.
  6. Sit by the fireplace with the one you love – and enjoy together the warmth and glow of this special holiday season.

Spread good cheer to all you love!

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Dr. Patty Ann

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