Gendership vs Gender Issues on Valentine’s Day

Different yet awesome! This is how I like to describe the differences between men and women, rather than using the old, tired cliché of John Grey’s: “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” framework. With the aid of neuroscience and current research, we clearly know that bringing women into all levels of a company makes for a more profitable organization. Furthermore, when men and women are given the opportunity to team up and lead together, everyone benefits from what is referred to as “gendership”. Perhaps you have not yet heard the term “gendership”?

Succinctly, gendership develops when women and men are teamed up in leadership roles, leading as true partners to achieve a goal. Very simply overstated, the female propensity for collaboration and the male propensity for task-orientated decision-making, when merged – allow neither male nor female qualities to dominate. What occurs instead is the merger of what is considered to be the best innate qualities of male and female leadership styles, with neither one dominating. As Nicholas D. Kristof wrote in a recent article in The New York Times titled: “She’s Rarely the Boss”: “But we need more women in leadership positions … considerable evidence suggests that more diverse groups reach better decisions. Corporations should promote women not just out of fairness, but also because it helps them perform better. Lehman Brothers might still be around today if it were Lehman Brothers and Sisters.”

The true power of gendership lies in the gendership culture created with the merger of these different leadership qualities exhibited by men and women because it creates relational excellence as well as task excellence, both of which are tantamount for business success in a global economy and multi-generational workforce.

On this Valentine’s Day, embrace the differences between men and women at work and at home – and you will see how in business and our personal lives, united we stand, divided we fall.


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