Family Planning for Success in Business and Life

All business experts stress the importance of creating a thorough strategic business plan before starting a new business. Women entrepreneurs and small business owners understand that we now need to learn how to prepare a family plan as well. Why?

Women do not want success in business to come at the expense of happiness in their marriage and family life and relationships. Following is an excerpt from my newly released book: “Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!”

“Women have created a sense of urgency for a family plan as we embrace entrepreneurship at twice the rate of men while populating more seats than men in graduate professional programs such as medicine and law. Women want, and actually demand, a life that creates financial and personal success. For many women, entrepreneurship is the answer to this burning desire and the question to: “How do I create a life I love?” A well thought out family plan that makes certain our business and relationship goals are in synch, supporting rather than being at odds with each other. The old paradigm of keeping your business and personal life totally separate from each other doesn’t work for entrepreneurial and self-employed women (and it never really worked all that great for men either). Today’s women seek to reconcile and blend their professional and personal lives – something which is made simultaneously easier and more difficult thanks to modern technology.”

The family plan is a map as well as a compass for your entrepreneurial adventure. Creating a family plan will help ensure that you and your partner are traveling down the same path, in the same general direction. Thoroughly discussing your business dreams and planning with your family will help you choose the entrepreneurial path with the most potential for satisfying your long-term individual, couple, and family goals. You do not have to sacrifice happiness in your marriage and family life for business success!

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Dr. Patty Ann


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