10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Valentine on Valentine’s Day (without breaking the bank)

Celebrate Your Valentine on Valentine's Day Who doesn’t love LOVE?? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ten (10) fun & inexpensive ways to celebrate the love of your life.

  1. Did you know that roses symbolize romance and passion? So start Valentine’s Day by giving your partner a rose(s). You can give them a single long-stemmed rose or a dozen long-stemmed roses – whatever works for your budget.

  2. Write your own personal love card or poem. Something short and sweet.

  3. Anyone can purchase a card on the way home from work – but a handwritten, homemade love card is sure to set Cupid’s arrow flying in your direction!

  4. Send a romantic text message to your partner during the day. Who doesn’t love a love message to start their day?

  5. Chocolate! Chocolate! And more Chocolate! You can’t go wrong with giving your partner chocolate on Valentine’s Day (unless, of course, they are allergic to it).
    Chocolate is an aphrodisiac – so it will get your partner “in the mood!”

  6. Ladies, splash on that perfume. Perfumes are made of natural ingredients that communicate on our emotions! So splash it on!

  7. Drink Champagne! If Wheaties is the breakfast cereal of champions – Champagne is the drink of lovers!

  8. Champagne, in moderation, is known to lower one’s inhibitions and produces a feeling of warmth throughout the body.

    If you are not into champagne (or any alcohol for that matter), try some nice hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  9. Hershey Kisses! Let’s give a shout out to Hershey’s for making those little chocolate Hershey kisses – which come in a variety of flavors now.

  10. Buy a bag of these little babies and put them all over the place so your partner will find them throughout the day. Place some on the bathroom sink so your partner sees them as soon as they begin their day. Then sprinkle some on their car seat.

    If you ask me, Hershey’s chocolate kisses weren’t made just for kids!

  11. Music – put a little love music in your life. Pick out any music that you and your partner love.

  12. Romantic music is a sure fire way to get your loving on!

  13. Get a tattoo – that’s right! Get a temporary tattoo of your partner’s name on your shoulder and/or belly. This will be a great conversation piece throughout the night.

  14. Make up a romantic screensaver so when your partner turns on their computer they see a romantic personal message from you. What a great way to surprise your partner!

These are some fun & inexpensive ways to #celebrateValentine’sDay with the one you love!

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann


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