Dr. Patty Ann is an internationally recognized relationship and communication expert.  She is a speaker, an author, a therapist and she delivers passionate and inspirational workshops and seminars all over the world for entrepreneurial groups and corporations in addition to her exclusive private practice. Dr. Patty Ann has been featured in the media on hundreds of national and local television stations, radio broadcasts, including satellite and internet radio, and major publications. 

Dr. Patty Ann is in a class of her own due to the “marriage” of her unique academic credentials along with her real life experiences.  As a married mother of four children, Dr. Patty Ann combines her real life experiences with her academic credentials which are second to none: a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology (Summa Cum Laude), two Master’s Degrees, in Clinical Social Work and Nursing, respectively, and her experience as a Registered Nurse.  She has developed proven strategies and tools that are practical, do-able and highly effective in repairing damaged relationships due to infidelity, fighting about money and other relationship issues such as lack of effective communication.

Dr. Patty Ann’s success in helping couples (and individuals) resolve a variety of their relationship issues is grounded in her well-rounded background of living in the real world.  She does not adhere to the belief that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to helping couples and individuals.  Dr. Patty Ann’s excellent work is evidenced in her proven track record of helping thousands of couples and individuals come back from the brink of a divorce, stop fighting, and rekindle romance and happiness in their relationship, which sets her apart from the crowd. 

Dr. Patty Ann is the leading authority in her field.  In addition to her rare combination of premiere academic credentials and real life experiences, Dr. Patty Ann is passionate, inspirational, and energetic while possessing an indomitable willingness to help couples and individuals save their marriage and heal themselves, qualities which are unparalleled. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she brings a sense of humor along with a practical, genuine and down to earth method and approach of creating analogies and stories which allows her clients to feel her empathy and understanding of their most difficult and traumatic issues and pain on their journey to growth and healing.  

Dr. Patty Ann writes two blogs with large followings around the world called: “Two Hearts Beating As One” and “Relationship Toolbox”. The former blog is found at www.drpattyann.com and is focused on offering powerful advice and tools for individuals and couples in intimate relationships.  The latter blog is found at www.relationshiptoolbox.com and is focused on offering entrepreneurial women and small business owners all the relationship tools needed for success in business and life.  

Search no more! You have finally found a “real” relationship and communication expert.  Contact Dr. Patty Ann at: [email protected] or at [email protected] before it’s too late.  Isn’t your marriage and your individual happiness worth it?

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