3 Key Strategies to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Your Manager/Boss

Many women make the mistake of believing their high quality work and professional dedication will be noticed AND then financially rewarded by their manager/boss if they just work hard and keep plugging away. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It would be nice to think superior work will get noticed and be rewarded – and it would be nice to think that the best person gets the promotion – but that is just not how the real world works! To insure your hard work does not go unrecognized by your upper management team, it is imperative you have a relationship with this team! You have to be known by your boss to get noticed by him/her! Otherwise, you are just another cog in the wheel.

Following are 3 key strategies that will help you develop a positive and healthy relationship with your boss – and facilitate your career advancement and financial reward!

  1. Make it Your Business that Your Boss Knows You! Chances are your boss is a very busy professional who is constantly being pulled in many different directions and who manages many people; therefore, the onus is on you to pull yourself out from the crowd and get noticed. There are many different ways this can be done so do what is most natural for you: schedule a productive meeting with the boss about a business matter that he/she is passionate about; make an appropriate personal connection based upon a shared hobby, interest etc. (you can find this out with just a little bit of research) For example, if your boss loves sports – and you do too, find an authentic way to bring it up during a conversation. Go out of your way to “run into” your boss in the hallway, in the parking lot etc. (do not confuse this with stalking – and I know you know what I mean!) In other words, find a way to make yourself VISIBLE and VALUED!

  2. Be a Problem-Solver & Initiate Solutions. One of the easiest ways to get recognized and rewarded by your boss is to take a glaring problem and find a solution. Bring innovation and enthusiasm to work – and make sure the boss knows you found the solution (without being a braggart). All bosses love problem solvers – and reward them!

  3. Be Likeable – that’s right, be the employee everyone loves to have around! Research shows people who are liked are paid more and have their mistakes forgiven more readily than people who are dis-liked. Your boss is human so he will want to promote and reward people he/she likes as well. No matter how fabulous you might be at your job – if you have an attitude you are less likely to be promoted, financially rewarded and liked by everyone – even your boss.

All success begins with relationships – and if you want to succeed, it is imperative you have a healthy relationship with your boss!

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