3 Essential Body Language Tips for Success in Business & Life

The ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships is at the heart of success in business and life. Whether you are creating a consensus around your team(s) business goals and objectives or trying to close a deal with a client, the ability to read one’s body language is critical to your success. Following are 3 essential body language tips that will help you accurately read one’s non-verbal communication (body language) that may just help you seal the deal!

  1. Eye Contact: As the expression goes – eyes are the windows to the soul. Maintaining eye contact throughout your communication with someone is pivotal to not only holding their attention but allowing you to get a “read” on how they really feel about what you are saying (which might be very different from what they verbally express). If there is a discrepancy between what someone is verbally telling you and what their eyes are suggesting, try to discern what the discrepancy is about and then adjust your message accordingly.

  2. Mirror the other person’s behavior: Developing trust as soon as possible is the linchpin necessary for making a positive first impression on anyone – a new boss, colleague, client etc. Mirroring the other person’s body language as much as possible (in a genuine way) helps create this trust. In addition, when you first meet someone, turn your body fully toward him or her so you are directly facing each other. This sends the message that the other person has your undivided attention; this body posture also signals an unconscious message that the other person is both very important and special to you. Additionally, lean in while the other person is speaking to you, this demonstrates that you are listening and fully engaged in what they are saying.

  3. Smile: Research shows when people smile they make themselves and everyone around them feel really good. (This is due to a chemical/hormonal reaction(s) in the body.) A smile conveys positive feelings of happiness and hope; it suggests to others that they are welcome and accepted. And smiles are contagious! Therefore, smile and keep smiling. Who doesn’t want to do business (and work with someone) who makes them feel good!

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