3 Easy Ways to Handle Year End Stress in Business & Life

Although December is a joyous time filled with holiday celebrations throughout the world, for women it adds more into our cup, which already is running over. End of year closings for work and gift buying for friends and family often leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Below are 3 simple tips I share with my clients and friends to ease the burden of the holiday season – leaving them some time for good cheer!

1. Monitor your own health. As Shakespeare once wrote: “This above all, to thine own self be true.” As we wrap up gift presents and year end business, do not neglect your health. Be aware of how you are feeling and act accordingly. If you are really starting to unravel due to stress brought on from exhaustion, too much food and alcohol and/or too little sleep – slow down and listen to what your body is telling you. Engage the help of others on your team and your family to share some tasks – don’t allow everything to fall on your shoulders; shrug some of your responsibilities off onto other capable people.

2. Cut yourself some slack. Although we may be quite rational throughout the year, when the holidays are upon us we think things have to be perfect. This pursuit of perfection adds unnecessary stress on ourselves during an already too stressful time of year. Life does not turn into a Norman Rockwell painting just because it is December. So give yourself a break, continue to do the very best you can while continuing to pursue your career goals and maintain a sense of reality.

3. Keep – or get – a sense of humor. Neuroscience can quantify how laughter can literally decrease hormonal stress levels which lower our overall sense of stress. When deadlines are looming and extra personal responsibilities are heaped upon an over already too full plate, maintain your sense of humor and ability to laugh – especially at yourself. Do not turn into the Grinch and take everything way too seriously. It doesn’t get things done any faster or any better. So you might was well smile and laugh or as the old saying goes: “whistle while you work!”

Follow these 3 simple tips that will decrease your stress as our year end work tasks and holiday season rapidly come to an end!

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